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One of the leading neckwear manufacturers and suppliers in China, Shengzhou Jinfa Necktie Co., Ltd is specialized in producing and customizing competitive and quality neckwear products either OEM-based or self-branded, including Jacquard or woven, yarn dyed or printed silk or polyester neckties, scarves, shawls, stoles and bow ties, etc. more>>

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Silk scarf to show off stylish charm

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Trick: use accessories to exquisite
Hepburn, Audery once lamented: "when I was attached to a silk scarf, I never felt I was as clear a woman, beautiful woman. "And it's Silk scarves, necklaces, earrings, sunglasses, wrist watch, these little ornaments can be deeply imprinted with a woman's property, it inadvertently revealed his" refined woman "of infinite charm. Clever match, small jewelry often can play a key role to touch, it can set off women's soft temperament, you can easily change the meaning and spirit of the dress. Accessories is a beautiful story of a woman, is fashion people's favorite. Note, however, accessories to be reasonable in terms of color, style, matching costumes.
Trick two: use shoes to express elegance
Popular on Wall Street with the saying: "never trust a man in a torn shoe and people who do not clean the shoes. "In United States society, the shoe is the face of interpersonal. For women, the shoe has more significance, it how different women of taste, style and accomplishment. Different shoes, or the sleek, elegant or chic or jiaoyang Lamping pretty exquisite, after it has been no different interpretation of woman, can be sexy, is funny, is teasing. Every woman should have a pair of good shoes. High heels can make people look tall, walking becomes beautiful. Comfortable shoes can make people around the light, grace invulnerable.
Fashion Queen Kate Moss, popular actress Catherine sailuohan, fashion days, the nikeliqi and the rapturous Faye Wong, in her street photos, see Minnetonka tassel boots, and various styles.
Game three: identity with the bag set off
"Handbags authority" female authors Anna Johnson said: now all clothing, handbags, there are significant differences between different brands, seem more personality. Female accessories handbags are not only the most practical items, most clothing that best reflect the personality and aesthetic element. Handbag labels can be said to be a woman, its magic can make the ordinary dress became fashionable and tasteful. Handbag is the most personal items, and most intimate partners, so we select addition to paying attention to style, color, and more focus on texture, focus on quality, brand-oriented.
In the world of fashion, there is no best, only the best. No need to envy Sophia? Roland wearing a silk dress, no need to envy after Jacqueline in sunglasses and elegant, we only have to put out their own temperament, has a distinctive personal style, it's fashion. With most IN the most secure online shopping platform, add a little bit of searching, you can easily become a new year's "Hollywood fashion's got talent".

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