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Silk scarf collection of play (a)

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name: Sven Xiaoping Results
Simple color pattern silk scarf, with fresh neat v-neck sweater, plus a pencil skirt and beauty shoes, both a woman's gentle and girls lovely, absolutely become a popular beauty in the office.
step1: silk scarf diagonally to the center of fold
step2: 2 times fold into 3-5cm wide.
step3: silk scarf, one long, one short pull, the long end of the following from the short end up through the Department of slipknot.
step4: from following through to the end of bypass the shorter end and then tied a knot. Finishing a good shape, and will bear moved to the desired location.
name: the baroque bow
Beautiful bow, better bring out the feminine beauty. Bow in shape, the most widely used, has a different flavor in terms of the collar, the collar or chest. With a white two-piece sweater and skirt, natural hanging knot more elegance. Can also be used with the collar, the first unbutton results were quite good. Available soft silk scarf material, more three-dimensional, more elegant spiritual dynamic.
If you want to own neck immediately became the focus of attention of others, it is recommended that the use of such Department of Law. The two ends of the silk scarf to try to equal length around the neck so that both ends of the color symmetry, colored wings like a butterfly. But remember, do not square collar, u collar with.
name: Baizhe flower
Silk scarves and the best selection of texture, full of tension, and can guarantee that the shape of beautiful silk scarf tie after the Department. The rich levels of the more prominent such systems specific to the law with an embroidered silk scarf, silk scarf fold. With similar dress with lace color, more delicate and sweet.
Scarf folded width according to the proportion of the neck may be too wide, then the whole silk scarf lose balance. With a round neck, collar with casual style can be interpreted even more gorgeous. With Square Neck, makes you look full of femininity. With a suit is the best choice of a size slightly larger than the silk scarf, the look and feel more coordinated, so that both ends of the silk scarf silk scarves pleated drape hanging in front, increasing. This is not suitable for the neck is too short or pears face.
name: fresh cannabis Results
The long neck girls do not dare to wear the clothes of the round neck, that will become the long neck is difficult to see. In fact, as long as T - clothes, plus a small silk scarf, a long neck, you will also be able to put on the pp and makes you fresh and full of classic charm. However, this - line of silk scarves damage is relatively large, it is recommended that you mm Do not get too expensive silk scarves cannabis Results.
Fashion Analysis: around the collar of very fine silk scarves volume, is able to create a more casual feel. With a round neck T-shirt, simple and have a rich sense of design. However, because the silk scarf wound into a rope-like, around the process should be forced around tight silk scarf narrow area otherwise it would be neck becomes thicker. Be careful, this silk scarf is not suitable for the neck is too short or pear face.
name: the beautiful bow of unilateral
Embody the charm of a woman's silk scarves, a woman's place, the silk scarf shadows than essential. Dating, flowing silk scarf to let your love fairy-tale romance. You want to wear what clothes to keep the appointment? Round neck? v-neck? Shirt? All OK! The wild silk scarf-line the unilateral bow but oh, is particularly suitable word mm.
Fashion Resolution: The tie around the chest on either side, suitable with the v-neck sweater or t-shirt, noble and elegant. Change the length of the silk scarf at both ends, so that the entire silk scarf looks full of dynamic, more prominent silk scarf around both ends of the asymmetry of the United States. If you want to match the high-necked clothes, wrapped in a thin volume of the collar of silk scarves, and look more coordinated. Unilateral bow do not play too tight, slightly rasun. The fight to note that the silk scarf around your neck, one end of the ring to do to stay too long.
name: shiny gems Results
v-shaped shape of the neck lines appears to be very slim, silk fabric, to help adjust the knot three-dimensional eye. Dotted with gems such as necklace-like knot in the neck, the dolphin "gem" color full three-dimensional, and instantly attract the eye, suddenly bright up the whole person.
Make the lines regularly showing orderly, both emotional and rational overall U.S. must pay attention to the right and left junction of symmetry Oh! This system method is suitable for small round neck and v-neck, not formula collar and shirt collar.

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