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Using scarves to create the details of beauty

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Silk scarf by size specifications can be divided into the pocket, Scarf, small square, small Scarf, shawl, etc.. The rain will these types of silk scarves interpretation. Rain is a lazy person, so not to learn very complex Department of silk scarves, France, the colors up and down the point of effort, according to the occasion to wear a silk scarf. :) A large square silk scarf is so beautiful, some even will put it in a frame hanging on the wall. But usually, a 90cm x 90cm square casually around her neck, it will become too cluttered, usually the Department does not look good, "the biggest reason. Rain mm were here to tell the Department of France there are many large square mm were to meet on different occasions.
Turned sexy Yiyi first is that the personal experience of the rain. Just to participate in the work soon, a major customer of the company's temporary invited rain to participate in one of his company's reception. The rain was even appropriate dress not to worry about the rain bad. Fortunately, the rain has a lot of silk scarves, and so turned to a red square fitted halter straps, under a black skirt, a sexy rain. To after the reception, the effect is attracting countless amazing eyes, rain smug for a long time for this evening.
Smug enough to say how the Department of this halter tank tops. It was not hard in the large square opposite the central tie a knot, then the two tie in the back of the neck, the two tie at the waist is a very cut a sense of "sling shirt. Explain the specifications of the square is best to 90cm * 90cm twill scarf or crepe satin plain square because the square is too small not enough, too much bloated.
Shopping on weekdays, the rain also with a large square, into a harness with jeans, it is a kind of wild beauty.
Some mm might say: so toss the silk scarf, will not wrinkle? Rain to tell you, do not worry when used in a silk scarf knotted creases, the silk scarf heave it soon restitution.
2, turned fashion belt just a silk scarf into the clothes, now we look silk scarf into a belt. Smart mm should know how the department? Method is simple, the effect is outstanding.
3, the large square with a knit cardigan law-abiding, dark-colored knit cardigan has every ol, how to jump out of the dead dress? Rain tell you, scarf tied shirt and leaving a long spike in fashion this year. Department of France: first silk scarf folded into a triangle, then fold the growth of strip, and then the silk scarf around the neck, first in the left end of the Department of Sikou then the right end of the buckle in the piercing.
4, large square package is installed in the office, all-suite, a contrast silk scarf can make rain out of color
5, two large square systems into a dress to a friend's house party, the rain will use two colors similar to the large square system into a skirt.

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