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Silk scarf with skills

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Silk scarves mix has been a great learning, such as the white jacket equipped with dark blue velvet turban, grey jacket red silk scarves, blending of Paphiopedilum armeniacum coat distribution rose purple silk scarves; when jackets and silk scarf colors close together, shiny pins can be used to coordinate, and so on. Worth noting is that mix of elegant effects, special attention should be dressed by the collar. For example, selected suitable hedging high collar cardigans, coats to have v-shaped collar, lapel, it is better. Here to introduce you to several rich in charm dress up:
  A: elongated Bordeaux suihua silk scarves mix gray clothing, would allow it to bounce to the spiritual;
  B: wearing a collar ochre coat mix of rose red light at the end of the white flower-shaped square silk scarves, neckline or slightly to the side and tie in the Centre, can make you seem noble modesty;
  C: pattern of a red-orange flowers scarf around the neck to chest cross, two behind through the ribs in a knot, put on your coat, unique personality will vividly revealed;
  D: quiet and innocent girl who creates is available in pure white silk scarves tied to his neck into two effeminate: a sheer rose, a playful cute and innocent girls pure we stand there;
  E: lively outgoing girl, or to buy a few pieces of colorful small square scarf, optional side length of 32~40 cm, and then folded "winter hat"---folk, abstraction and the postmodernist spray dyeing process, will give "head landscape" brings unexpected surprises;
  F: rich women of artistic intuition, you can select that enhanced silk scarf with a quiet fragrance, incense floated. The silk scarf is stereoscopic strong pattern, such as delicate flowers of Petunia, noble orchids, at first sight, it finds it difficult to loosen one.
  Warm application adds charming temperament of silk scarves, ladies breast floating up, so that they light up. Different colors, different designs of silk scarves knotted in a different way and fit to fit the hairstyles and clothing, you can transform an unusual attitude, sometimes looks dignified and beautiful, sometimes seem quiet xianshu, sometimes passionate, sometimes sweet, sweet people.
  Modesty: a white silk scarf, knotted at one end, repeat twice at the other end through the knot, so wear a silk scarf would make Lady look dignified and beautiful, if the mix plate, light blue or green coat, more beautiful and elegant.
  -Quiet: black long silk scarves in suihua, after crossing at both ends, one end forward to bypass, simple way accompanied by refreshing to wear short hair and white blouse, looked quiet xianshu, pure and beautiful.
  Bold type: purple thin silk scarf, in front a large bow, over a nice little ornament, if accompanied by chic messy makeup or romantic elegant shawl with long hair, a red coat, will make people feel passionate, full of youthful vigor.
  Sweet American style: selected a small light square silk scarves, translated into 30 percent around the neck and tie, then end Wo knot once again, accompanied by a black braids, or long brush, light red coat, look delicate sweet, gazes meaningfully.
  Cowboy bear small square scarves folded into a triangle, to the back of the neck around, both sides cross wraparound front neck, wear a silk scarf buckles, silk scarves pushed bale up to the neck, closed tabs, collating that into. If equipped with jackets attire, sportswear, freedom unrestrained.
  Clever mix of silk scarves really vivid and colorful. Silk scarf, with its ornate appearance as well as the texture of soft, fresh and become one of the most useful of the most popular accessories, we can use your own imagination, by analogy, decorated with colorful, allow yourself to add a touch of charm.

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