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One of the leading neckwear manufacturers and suppliers in China, Shengzhou Jinfa Necktie Co., Ltd is specialized in producing and customizing competitive and quality neckwear products either OEM-based or self-branded, including Jacquard or woven, yarn dyed or printed silk or polyester neckties, scarves, shawls, stoles and bow ties, etc. more>>

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A springboard for Shengzhou neckties - Hong Kong(NO.2)

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Pure silk ties of all grades.

Shengzhou produces 300 million ties a year and made gross sales of Rmb1.89 billion (HK$1.7 billion) in 2002. Over 80% of ties sold in shopping centres and wholesale markets throughout China come from Shengzhou. The city also sells some 120 million ties to over 80 countries, including the US, Japan, Australia, Russia and Belgium.


The China Necktie City is able to attract traders with its wide range of products with innovative designs and value for money. Today, it has become an exhibition and wholesale centre for quality neckties, aimed at domestic and foreign customers.


The Necktie City is also the tie supplier to leading shopping centres and wholesale markets, as well as a processing base and shop-window for trade and production orders. The market sells all kinds of neckties, bow ties and ascot ties, silk and woolen scarves, tie fabrics, accessory materials and related products.


Tie fabrics include pure silk, rayon and polyester, with colour weaving, printing and other technologies used in the production process. Wholesale prices per piece range from Rmb2 to Rmb500 (HK$1.8 to HK$471.6).


City exhibition centre.

Many brands have turned out successful using the China Necktie City as their platform. In addition to leading international brands such as Pierre Cardin and Santa Barbara Polo, popular domestic names such as Babei, Haoyunlai and Maidilang also have their outlets in the city.


Shengzhou hosts an annual Yue Opera and Necktie Festival in October and November, with a large turnout of Chinese as well as foreign guests. Activities include a necktie design competition and tips over current fashion trends.


In order to further promote Shengzhou neckties abroad, the local necktie industry established a China Necktie City in Hong Kong, which opened for business in October 2002. The Hong Kong China Necktie City on the 25th floor of Billion Plaza, Lai Chi Kok, is the largest wholesale market for ties in Hong Kong, and is also the first mainland "specialised wholesaler" to establish its foothold in the territory.

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