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Impress Your Love, Dress Well – Necktie Review

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The way to a girl’s heart is through dressing well. True or false? Can’t say! Some like the rugged, unshaven, unkempt looks, while others go for smart, well-polished skin. The way to a girl’s heart is still a mystery. What would catch her fancy, make an impression, go to her heart and make you look desirable, it’s all in her mind.

Outer looks do however play an important role when it comes to attracting attention. A well-dressed man is somehow more likable. It shows his class. His wealth. After all, clothes are a part of our material wealth, and the clothing industry has kept well-maintained distinctions between rich dresses and the not so rich ones. A poorly dressed, shabby man may have more in terms of real warmth and friendship, but his exterior only serves to maintain a distance, whereas relations with the opposite sex are more about removing distances.

Another positive attribute of dressing well, with a necktie included, is the confidence is instills in the wearer. A feeling of superiority, of class, of being secure makes us stand tall, walk straight, and approach others without feeling even a bit lower than others around. Our clothes show where we stand in society.

True, the rich have their weird ways, and they do not always dress well. This exception only proves the rule. Their causal dressing serves to set them apart. The norm is broken, and that itself shows the strength of the party.

A well-worn dress covers the body and the soul alike. It keeps us warm and secure. Protects the skin from cold air and dust. Makes us agreeable to others around us. Keeps us going ahead in life. Nothing could be more valuable to us than this convention of being well dressed.

The girls, of course, are damn impressed with the show. They think a well-dressed man must also be good at heart, and a decent chap to go with. How true this is, is another subject for another article.

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