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Why Iran President never Tie Neckwear

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(Collected and Edited by Jinfa Tie)

Sometimes there is a question arised from the friends from home country, Why the president of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad never tie the neckwear while wearing in formal,when he appears in a quite official convention such as the conference of United Nation?Almost Every Iran people wear business suit,but they never wear the tie.Why?

When Ahmadinejad was voted as the president at the beginning,his wear had become a focus from foreigners.Someone said that his wear was so unsuitable for him as a president.;But the others said that it conveys to people that he is friendly with his people and easy to go on with.

These questions rised from my friends make me remind one day of April,2007, I found that when 15 England marines distrained  by Iran congeed with the medias,none of them tied neckwears except one female Teny.The suits they weared were sent by Iran,so the ties were not sent as they are something being forbidded in this country.

Since the Islam Revolution broke out in 1979,The regulation of wearing suits with neckwear tied had been canceled because the neckwear are regarded as the symbol of  “the degenerated western culture”,it would bring the harmful effect to the youngers’ wearing custom.

As it’s a “very political” affairs to tie the neckwear in Iran,so every Iran people, especially the staffs who work for the government,never tie neckties when they have suits on.

  Post Script, Thought the ties are forbidden in Iran,there is no restriction for the foreigners who come to Iran.

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