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How to select a necktie for your husband

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How to select a necktie for your husband? While a necktie may not seem like the most exciting gift to give your husband, there are plenty of ways to make a necktie say "I love you." You can make every necktie a gift your husband will love by buying ties that keep up with fashions, coordinate with clothing, are useful for many occasions and appeal to his personal interests.


Look for neckties made by leading fashion labels first. Even if you're not going to spend top dollar on a necktie, you can get an idea of what the leading fashions are and then find the same trends among less expensive designers.


Look for neckties with a versatile or creative color palate. Don't get your husband a tie with the same colors as everything he already owns. Find something that will match what he has but also incorporates new colors into the scheme.


       Spice up his wardrobe with ties that conform to his existing color palate but incorporate new, exciting patterns. Stripes, geometric patterns and paisley are all great options.


Shop for ties in a variety of textures to coordinate with different textured outfits. If your husband has seersucker, wool, tweed or any other textured fabric in his wardrobe, he needs something other than a silk tie to match it.


Look for ties that are fun or humorous in addition to shopping for strictly professional ties. Every man needs to have a good stock of special occasion ties for holidays and days when he wants to cut loose but still maintain his button-down attire.


Look for ties that appeal to your husband's personal interests. With some creative searching, you can find ties that portray famous works of art, logos of favorite sports teams and vintage pop icons.


Take your tie shopping a step further and shop for shirts to coordinate with the ties you pick out. If your husband is especially unlikely to be able to match his own clothing or if he just needs to update his wardrobe as a whole, it's always convenient to give him shirts and ties in pairs or mix-and-match groups.


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