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October - Fashion: Scarves

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October - Fashion: Scarves

Fashion    by Stephanie Napier

With fall right around the corner and the summer heat still lingering, it is easy to fall into a “What do I wear?” scenario with your wardrobe. This time of year, stores are bringing out the new fall fashions, but, without the cooler temps, a lot of these designs are hard to wear. You can add transitional pieces to your wardrobe during this time of year; it’s a great way to not look too summery, but also not be miserable wearing heavier fall garments.

One of the coolest and most versatile transitional pieces right now that has appeared up and down the runway is the scarf. With the many different textures and ways to wear the scarf, it is a great option.

The scarf is not just an accompaniment to a heavy coat anymore: it is a solo fashion item. With that in mind, let’s explore the textures, colors, and ways in which you can wear the scarf.

Texture is very important during these hotter fall months. It is important to not look too summery, but you also want to be comfortable. This season, the scarf comes in some fabrics that are not too heavy; we are seeing the scarf in a linen and cotton blend, as well as in silk. These options are great for this time of year. The linen-cotton blend hangs with a raw edginess to it, and the silk is definitely one that you can dress up or dress down.

Color is also very important for this transitional time. You are still wearing a few of your lighter colored summer items, but are starting to incorporate the darker fall items into your wardrobe. I would suggest one of the new “neutral” colors, which have taken a bold twist this season. “Neutral” now includes colors that are bold and can be worn with either black or brown. I would suggest a raspberry pink, a royal blue, or a cool silver. These bold colors are definitely on the “must have something in your wardrobe in this color” list.

Okay, now my favorite part of this trend: how to wear this look. Well, ladies, you have a lot more options than the men. Of course, the standard scarf worn around the neck works well, and it will always be a great option if you are a little less willing to try the other looks. It is still very much in style to drape the scarf long or short around the neck. Another option is to wear the scarf around the waist as a belt. This looks great in both fabrics, and definitely shows that you know how to step outside the box. This look was all up and down the fall runway, from Dolce and Gabbana to Gucci. The last way to wear the scarf (for the ladies) is as a top. This is definitely a trendsetter style. Try wearing the scarf as a top over another top to add a pop of color to an outfit.

And finally, the guys: men, the scarf is a great option to wear instead of a tie to work, or just to add a pop of color to a more casual look. If you choose to dress the scarf up, you should wear it shorter and closer to the neck; the casual version can be longer and looser.

Again, fashion is about having fun with your wardrobe and picking items that work with what you already own. Have fun with this look, and I can’t wait to see you wearing the scarves this season!

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