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The scarf is the new bag

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The scarf is the new bag

Laura Craik


They’re scarves, Jim, but not as we know them. You know the cosy warm kind; the sort that you root out from the wardrobe at this time of year? These are not them. These scarves are strictly for show. Welcome to the world of the status symbol scarf.

It used to be that a woman’s handbag was her biggest status symbol: something she saved up for and wore with great pride. But with designer bags now costing the same as a small family car, it’s little wonder that women have started looking for some other — cheaper — way to shout their fashion credentials from the rooftops. And so the designer scarf has become the new entry-level point for customers wanting to buy into a luxury brand.

Arguably, this idea really originated with Hermès, one of the most exclusive — and expensive — brands in the world. Its silk scarves, especially those in rare, limited-edition prints, change hands for astronomical amounts, but you can still go in store today and purchase a lovely one for £140. Compare this with the two- year waiting list for a £6,000 Hermès Kelly bag, and it soon becomes apparent why the scarves have such appeal to lovers of the Hermès brand.

Louis Vuitton is another proponent of the status symbol scarf, with Marc Jacobs taking the concept and making it thoroughly modern thanks to another innovative collaboration. The Sprouse scarf, a £300 cashmere beauty with a print designed by the legendary Stephen Sprouse, has sold out in London, New York and Paris — a direct result, no doubt, of Kate Moss, who has had one surgically attached to her neck all autumn. That is, when it’s not being borrowed by her on-off boyfriend, Jamie Hince. Any Sprouses that were left over after Moss bagged one in all three colours were promptly snapped up by the fashion pack, who, to a (wo)man, seemed to be wearing them at the recent round of shows.

Other status symbol scarves currently being flaunted include a cashmere Burberry scarf in a faded version of its house check (£400), a skull print scarf by Alexander McQueen (£110), a chainmail trimmed scarf by Lanvin (£250) and a floral print silk scarf by Balenciaga, which, at £180, is a darned sight more affordable than its £1,035 Lariat bag.

Obviously, “affordability” is relative — especially these days. And yes, we could all pop down to Primark and bag a scarf for £1. But hands up whose desire for luxury has died just because their funds have? If you love fashion, you love fashion: whatever the economic climate. Status symbol scarves are simply luxury for a whole lot less.

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