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Bundle up in more ways than one with your scarves

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Bundle up in more ways than one with your scarves


Trends and fads come and go, but scarves have withstood the test of time - and the seasons - and are here to stay. 

In the warmer weather, scarves tend to be made out of lightweight materials such as silk, satin or chiffon whereas cotton and cashmere scarves are commonly paired with a winter coat.

Not only do the materials and patterns of scarves vary but so do the way in which they can be worn.

"I wear them all types of ways," said Carolyn DiMarco, a 1st-semester exploratory major.  "I drape them around my neck, wrap it around my neck, or let it hang in the back." 

Part of the reason scarves have so much versatility is because they are made of various shapes, which allow for creativity.

"I have long and skinny scarves that I let hang very loosely but I also have square scarves that I fold to make a triangle shape and wrap around my neck," said Laura Baumann, a 1st-semester physiology and neurobiology major.  

A scarf adds an extra detail that will help you stand out.  It can add a touch of color to a neutral color palate, make an outfit more sophisticated, or create a natural and flowy element to an outfit.

"When I wear colored scarves I use them as an accent if my outfit consists of mostly neutral colors," Baumann said.

The variety of scarves on the market can be overwhelming but it is important to consider your personal wardrobe when purchasing them.  Often times a scarf may be appealing but it might not necessarily go well with your clothes, especially when dealing with patterns.  Particular patterns can often take away from the outfit by being overwhelming. 

"Stripes and solid colors are easier to pair with outfits than patterns but it all depends on the patterns you’re dealing with," Baumann said.  "You don’t want the pattern to hide your outfit or make it seem too ’busy.’"

The versatility of scarves extends beyond materials, patterns, and ways to wear them. Many people wear them as belts, headwear, or, as seen more recently, tie them around their purses.  According to the Style Watch section of People magazine’s Web site, stars are

constantly setting differnt trends for scarf-wearers.

 Jennifer Aniston "wears her ’Dupatte’ scarf when traveling from New York to Amsterdam."  On the other hand, Style Watch also takes notice of Heidi Montag, Jennifer Aniston, and Eva Longoria Parker, all of whom tie lightweight scarves on their purses.  Style Watch suggests that budding fashionistas "add a chic touch to any basic purse with a colorful printed silk scarf.

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