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Scarf reignites scouting life

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Scarf reignites scouting life

SINGLETON’S oldest scout was given an unexpected surprise this week.

Eighty-two year-old Harold Hobden was one of five honorary scout members ‘scarfed’ on Wednesday night at the local celebration of 100 years of scouting in Australia.

Member for Upper Hunter George Souris, Mayor Sue Moore, Lyn MacBain and Mary Robinson were also given the scouting honour.

A ‘King Scout’ Mr Hobden was discovered as Singleton’s eldest scout thanks to a call out via The Singleton Argus from local group leader Ruth Rogers.

“I saw the article in the Argus and thought I might qualify,” Mr Hobden laughed.

“It all came from there.”

Mr Hobden said he was thrilled to return to the Scout Group and was highly impressed with the young scouts, joeys and cubs involved in the club today.

“It was very enjoyable night,” he said.

“I was rather surprised, I didn’t expect so much. I think current club members are doing a marvellous job.”

Mr Hobden joined scouts in 1934 aged 13. He was part of the group for three-years and has fond memories including a trip to Adelaide.

“My highlight would have to been going to Adelaide for the Corroboree.

“We went down by train from Sydney to Adelaide. There were about 14 of us in a box carriage, she was a bit congested, but nobody was really worried,” Mr Hobden said of the group’s excitement.

Mr Hobden said the camp had been an emotional time, the camp marred with tragedy when a tree branch fell from a tree killing a fellow scout.

Despite the tragedy, Mr Hobden said the Corroboree continued and hundreds of scouts from over Australia and the World came to Adelaide.

“There were a lot of scouts there,” Mr Hobden said.

“Scouts from India, New Zealand and maybe even South Africa, it was the first time I had met scouts from overseas,” he said.

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