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The skinny on neckties(2)

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The skinny on neckties2

Urban, The Straits Times

On average, the store increases its stock of ties by 12 to 15 per cent each season, he adds.

Still in a flap over how to wear a necktie? Urban gets Ong, Low and Chung to give some tips to tie for.

1. Watch your waist line

Where a necktie ends affects the proportion of your body. This is particularly important for Asians who tend to have long torsos.

Generally, the tip of your tie should end at anywhere on your belt buckle or the waist of your pants. If you have a shorter upper body, create the illusion of a more balanced proportion by having your tie end at the bottom of your belt buckle.

Always put on your necktie while standing for the most accurate measurement of your waist level.

A rule of thumb: Your necktie is too long when it interferes with your zipper when you visit the loo, and too short when it rises above your belt buckle when you stand up.

2. Play safe

Plain coloured ties that come without patterns are in. While unexciting, they are a safe bet for the boardroom. To jazz things up, wear one with an interesting texture such as a jacquard

weave or with a lustrous finish.

3. Get the skinny

Skinny neckties are in, but distinguish between catwalk chic and corporate chic. The skinny looks more playful than professional.

Still, a skinny necktie might be okay if you are in a creative field. You still need to have the right attitude though. Be consistently trendy from head to toe, match skinny ties with a streamlined look of tapered trousers, slim-fit shirt and pointed shoes.

4. Knotty issues

For a neat look, the size of your necktie knot should look proportionate to the spread of your collar - the distance between the points of a shirt collar.

The four-in-hand method of tying one is popular because it is the easiest. The broad end of the tie is crossed over and folded behind the narrow end, brought back in front, pulled through the loop between the collar and tie, then through the knot created in front. It is the most skimpy though.

If you have a wider collar spread, opt for the full or half Windsor, which loops the necktie eight or six times. It is a more formal look and ideal for interviews.

The loose knot is trendy but it gives the impression that you are taking things easy, so save it for after-work hours.

5. Colour coordinate

A tie’s colour should be darker than your shirt’s. Do not end up looking like a mafia mobster with a pale necktie against a dark shirt.

Your tie’s primary colour should also complement, not clash with, your shirt. Any secondary shades should also pick up or match the accents of your top.

6. Strike a balance

Your necktie should be proportionate to your girth. On a big guy, a normal sized tie will look skinny.

Use the length of your middle finger as a rough guide to the right width of your necktie.

Watch your jacket too. The width of your necktie should be about the same width as your suit lapel. So if the lapel is wide, your tie should be too.

7. Points about prints

It is okay to express your personality with loud prints, but keep the rest of your attire simple and in neutral colours. Halloween is over.

Print on print can work if they are of different sizes. Wearing two prints of similar size looks messy.

8. Go dotty

Polka-dotted ties are associated with circus clowns for a reason. As a general rule, the smaller the print, the more professional you look, so opt for pin dots over polka dots and pin stripes over prison stripes.

9. Don’t be a cartoon

Save ties featuring cartoon prints, smiley faces or cute animal drawings for parties or you could just leave a Looney Tunes impression - with the emphasis on loony.

The only time ?conversation pieces? could work in the corporate world is when you have built a strong rapport with clients and are meeting casually, say, for Friday drinks.

10. Quality check

The material of a tie affects its overall look. Opt for silk, silk blends or microweaves that add a touch of class and are softer to the touch. A necktie should hang naturally when knotted. Polyester ties are usually too stiff and hang like a plank.

Always try on a tie before buying, for only then will you know if it knots and hangs well.

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