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Think twice before tying that thing around your neck

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Think twice before tying that thing around your neck

By Scott Sexton | Journal Columnist

Considering buying another necktie for dear old dad while you’re bustling about on Black Friday? Thinking of going with neckwear as a gift cop-out for gramps or that slightly goofy uncle?

Think again.

Besides the fact that neckties are frivolous and functionless -- think appendix, except that a necktie is designed to be worn around the neck much like a noose -- it’s also hazardous to health.

So says Dr. Ed Spudis, a semi-retired physician from Winston-Salem who published a short article in the North Carolina Medical Journal on that very topic a few months ago.

In the article, co-written by Dr. William Satterwhite, Spudis noted that extended wear of tight neckties could possibly be linked to partial occlusions of the carotid artery (that’s an important one that carries blood to the brain) in men of a certain age and increased pressure in the eyes.

"People just don’t think about those things," Spudis said. "The effect of wearing them is interesting. I started giving mine away when the article came out.’

"People are skeptical when you try to give them a necktie."

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