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Moe: Ties? You're lucky I got dressed at all(2)

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Moe: NeckTies? You're lucky I got dressed at all2

By Doug Moe

As much as I wanted to detail my expertise in nuclear physics, I wrote that I had to decline a listing among the who's who of international executives because international executives wear neckties and I don't.

They didn't ask again, although just last week I received an e-mail from Sashur Henninger, editor-in-chief of Montclair Publishing, that began:

"It is my honor to inform you that you are being considered for inclusion in The Official 'Who's Who Among Women in North America' (2009/2010 edition)."

You can imagine my excitement. Still, I passed on that opportunity as well.

It has been several years since I wrote the column revealing my three fashion rules, and I have to admit that I haven't held to the first two with the same rigor I've avoided neckties.

For instance, white socks. Can't beat them for comfort, and you needn't worry when the dryer eats one sock out of a pair, which happens in every laundry room in America. You just grab another white sock.

But not long ago I went to Mitch Henck's Frank Sinatra show at the Kennedy Manor and liked it so much I'm going back again later this month.

Even I can't wear white socks to an evening of Sinatra.

As for flexible waistbands on pants, which I like because you can drop or add weight with impunity, I recently made a purchase that negates their importance.

Yes, I bought a belt.

I still draw the line at neckties, however.

In 1996, the Washington Post conducted a readers poll soliciting opinions on why men wear neckties.

"Some readers say men are just too stupid to repair buttons and thus need a tie to cover up the missing ones," the Post stated when the results came in. "Others noted the male desire for conformity and uniformity. They said men wear neckties because other men wear neckties."

The bottom line is there is no good reason to wear a necktie, and that includes this one from a Post reader: "Men wear neckties because women wear high heels. It's a form of attire revenge that each gender practices on the other."

High heels I could handle.

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