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Printed silk Scarf not always labor of love

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Printed silk Scarf not always labor of love

Aaron fell into a love-hate relationship with the scarf.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Kim Aaron has lugged it, loved it, struggled with it, worked at it and cursed at it. 

Finally, she has finished it.

After two years, the Kanawha County magistrate has completed a knitted printed silk scarf for her son, Adam, who wanted the trademark silk  neckwear worn by British science fiction icon Dr. Who.

This is not just any printed silk scarf.

This is a 12-foot-long scarf. It has seven colors that change 46 times. It took $90 worth of yarn - 26 skeins - and 41,500 stitches to complete. It is finished off with 14 fringes, each 12 inches long.

"Now it's done and I'm amazed," Aaron said wryly. "That's two years of my life I'm never getting back."

A few years ago, Aaron decided to revive the limited knitting skills she learned as a teenager and make her mother a scarf for a holiday gift. Her son, Adam, 19 at the time, noticed.

"He said, 'I didn't know you could knit,' " Aaron recalled. "And he brought me a printed-out page and asked if I could make him a replica of the Dr. Who printed silk scarf."

The project turned out to be massive, and she had to knit at odd times to complete it.

"I found myself knitting in doctors' offices, at the car dealership while I got the oil changed, in restaurants, at family gatherings, waiting at the airport, on night court when absolutely nothing was going on," Aaron said.

She had to have shoulder surgery not long after starting the scarf, and knitting turned out to be a surprising and valuable part of her recovery.

"I had to go into physical therapy, and knitting helped me regain control of my arm," she said. "My doctor said it was fabulous."

Aaron fell into a love-hate relationship with the printed silk scarf.

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