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It's Bow neckties, Everywhere, At Club Meeting

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It's Bow neckties, Everywhere, At Club Meeting

Java: MaryEllen Fillo

It was bow necktie pasta, bow tie-shaped cookies and bow necktie neckwear all around for the crowd that gathered at The Hartford Club Tuesday because, well, the Greater Hartford Bow neckTie Club is made up of a dapper group of men with a sense of style and allegiance to their neckwear.

And wear it they did. Following the fashion of
TheodoreRoosevelt, Malcolm X, John Houseman in "The Paper Chase," Groucho Marx, Pee-wee Herman and George Burns
, they showed their stylish stuff in neck wraps of silk, crepe de chine ties and taffeta at the club's first if two meetings in 2009.

"It was my trademark; I always wear a bow necktie," said
David Carson, former president of People's Bank and the subject of a 2008 book titled "Bow Tie Banker" by Lennie Grimaldi
. Carson, who was raised in England and immigrated to New York, earned the nickname "Bow neckTie" during his days as a celebrated Bridgeport exec.

Grimaldi, by the way was also at the event and the only person to dare wear a more traditional long tie.

The only time I wore a bow necktie was when I got married," said the renegade author, defending his fashion faux-pas for the night.

The ties seemed to say a little bit about their owners. Douglas Hyland, executive director of the
New Britain Museum of American Art, wore his green silk necktie from Thailand creatively askew. St. Frances Hospital surgeon Dr. David Shapiro proved he knew his stuff, with a steady hand and keen focus, showing exactly how one goes about properly tying a bow necktie, but also showing his sense of humor by wearing a tie sporting blue frogs.

Also among the bow-tie-wearers were outgoing Hartford Arts Council director Ken Kahn, who actually started the club in 2002, and his brother,
New Jersey surgeon Dr. Mark Kahn, another surgeon bent on showing his wild wardrobe side.

"There was a time when my brother used to dress like this, too," said the good doctor who wore his 28-year-old
Ralph Lauren bow necktie with cargo shorts and deck shoes.

And while some members relayed poignant tales of fathers or grandfather who passed on the wardrobe tradition and tenderly showed their sons and grandsons the art of the tie, there were some who had a slightly different tale to tell.

"My father told me if I wore anything but long ties and gray suits I was never going to make it," said Hartford architect Hermann Cortes-Barrios, sporting a wild silk paisley tie in vibrant orange, yellow, green and red. "I wear bow neckties and brown suits and did fine."

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