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Affordable woven silk scarf trend

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Affordable woven silk scarf trend

A whimsical and affordable trend for men and women this season is the muffler scarf. This is a thin, square woven silk scarf usually in a plaid pattern with fringe. This look has also been called the "Kanye West scarf" since he has been photographed wearing this look on many occasions.

This trend is extremely affordable and looks best with a solid tee, tank or tube top as not to compete with the color and pattern of the scarf. Urban Outfitters has a healthy selection of these styles ranging from $20-$24 and H&M has a small selection for $12.90! Both stores can be found downtown in the shopping district on 5th Avenue and Pike Street. This newest look is simple to achieve.

How to tie a muffler woven silk scarf:
    • Fold the square scarf in half making a triangle
    • Drape the triangle in front and tie once behind neck
    • Take ends from tie and hang loose in front or tuck in under neck

Once this trend is over - and it will be - this woven silk scarf can be reincarnated to the next look. Scarves have always been a fashion staple that doesn't have to break your wallet. Have fun with it!

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