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Wear a Green printed silk Necktie Gift from Ernest Koroma

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Wear a Green printed silk Necktie Gift from Ernest Koroma

By Abdul Karim Kabia

Sierra Leone’s Opposition Chairman/Leader, John Oponjo Benjamin has confirmed to Awareness Times last evening that not only will he be attending the APC Ruling Party’s National Convention slated to start today Thursday April 16th 2009, but he will be putting on a bright green printed silk necktie that was given to him last week as a gift from President Koroma, the Chairman/Leader of the ruling APC.

It will be recalled that in a recent interview granted to this medium by the Opposition Chairman and published on March 20th 2009, he had lamented that the President had by then, been hostile to him and opined that such was not good for the political climate. In that interview, Benjamin had recounted how when he had been in government as the then Finance Minister under the erstwhile SLPP Government, he had regularly given gifts to President Koroma who was by then in opposition. He recounted that one of the last gifts had been a red printed silk necktie. The colour of Koroma’s ruling APC party is bright red whilst that of Benjamin’s party, the opposition SLPP, is bright green.

The news of President Koroma giving a green printed silk necktie to Benjamin in less than one month of that interview (reproduced below) is a sign of the dramatic turn of events in the national polity. It can be recalled that after the intervention of the international community and following moves by sections of the local citizenry to promote a climate of political tolerance, the two political parties have been actively engaged in friendly overtures towards each other.

It was during one such recent meeting at State House that President Ernest Koroma surprised John Benjamin with a gift of a beautiful, bright green printed silk necktie. It was obvious that President Koroma, who is an avid reader of Awareness Times, was extending a further olive branch to John Benjamin against the backdrop of the Awareness Times article about the red necktie gift.

And as a sign of his appreciation towards the President’s overtures, Mr. Benjamin now tells Awareness Times that he will be putting on the green necktie that was given to him by President Koroma during today’s special APC Convention that he had been invited to up in Makeni.

"Our generation of political leaders are determined to make hostile and violent politics a thing of the past in Sierra Leone. I will be up at Makeni today wearing my bright green printed silk necktie and I will deliver a fraternal message from my party to the APC assembly," Benjamin assured adding that he was "quite confident" that President Koroma was determined to ensure the ongoing political tolerance was maintained in the country.

"This is Ernest Koroma’s legacy; political tolerance. We have repeatedly paid lip service to it in this country for decades now but for the first time under the Presidency of Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, this country is going to practise decent politics in a politically tolerant atmosphere. Political Tolerance is Ernest Koroma’s legacy to the people of Sierra Leone and I am quite confident he means to sustain that legacy of his and I am personally going to do my utmost to ensure he succeeds in maintaining political tolerance in this country," John Benjamin ended the interview on a high note of assurance.

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