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Be nice to your neck—woven silk scarf

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Be nice to your neck—woven silk scarf

By Sarah Petrescu, Times Colonist

Scarves Beyond Poets

"I wear scarves all the time. A light jacket with a woven silk scarf and a tie looks polished and helps you adjust to the changing weather," Russell said. "I very much believe in comfortable, utilitarian dressing."

Russell recommended wide cashmere scarves in a variety of colours for everyday wear. He said a woven silk scarf can go around the neck, tucked inside the collar, in place of a necktie for vintage look. His favourite is a Christian Dior woven silk scarf.

Ties That Unwind

"The width of a tie or a knot can change a look," Russell said.

Most men wear mid-width ties with suits. A skinny necktie can change a look from day to night, as they've returned from the '80s with rock groups from the Killers to Franz Ferdinand -- often paired with skinny suits and jeans.

Bowties are poised to make a comeback if fashion indicators -- celebs and runways -- are correct. Russell recommends the non-clip-on version and the quirky, like the skull-and-crossbones patterned neckties and bowties at Outlooks. "They're surprisingly popular," he said.

He also suggests wearing knit ties in warmer weather and textured fabric ties for something different.

Something Different

The styles of '50s and '60s middle-class gentlemen have become trendy with television shows like Mad Men and runways featuring tailored three-piece suits. Russell draws inspiration from this period by wearing large silk scarves in the style of an ascot or by folding a woven silk scarf in a breast pocket.

Kanye West and Ashton Kutcher are also recent fans of the ascot -- an accessory from the late 1800s that resurged in the '60s as casual suitwear, often paired with a smoking jacket or robe.

Properly crafted ascots -- no Velcro strap -- are not easy to find. Luckily for us, Kane Straith clothing (110-735 Yates St.) carries a good selection, as well as ties, bowties and a gorgeous line of cashmere-silk scarves for men.

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