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Lakeshore Rants: It's time for a fashion silk necktie party

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Lakeshore Rants: It's time for a fashion silk necktie party

By James Protsman, Manitowoc 

There are six scientific reasons for banning neckties: (1) they raise the respiration rate, a sign of stress; (2) they reduce verbal fluency; (3) they slow cognitive function; (4) they slow eye movement (visual processing); (5) they increase tension inside the eyes; (6) they become bacteria infested. 

These are not opinions. They are scientific fact. 

My first job after college was as an English teacher for the University of Wisconsin System. The dress code way back then called for a sports jacket and tie for English Department males, but in time I noticed a professor or two went tieless and I took the bold step of doing likewise because I considered ties a pure nuisance. 

When others questioned this sartorial rebellion, I informed them that on the trendsetting West Coast there was growing disdain for ties. And I quoted anthropologist Marvin Harris (1927-2001) to the effect that the main reason men adopted the tie as a fashion accessory was that it functioned as a status symbol to inform the world that they, tie wearers, were above physical labor. I wanted no part of such fashion snobbishness. 

During the years I wore a silk necktie and wanted to relax after a hard day of work, the first thing I instinctively did was remove my tie. This has a relaxing effect on body and mind that millions of tie-wearers will readily attest to.

There is a reason for this relaxing effect: better breathing. Long ago animal researchers interested in testing the complex nerve pathways that control breathing discovered that if you touch the larynx of some animals (including dogs) it inhibits breathing. One reason physiologists study dogs is because their physiology in many ways is similar to that of humans.

The discovery about the larynx and breathing was published but nobody checked to see if this breathing reaction was true for humans. 

Verbal breathing, the special kind of breathing we do when we produce word sounds, suffered a lot. When I checked how many words I could read in a single inhalation, which is a simple measure of reading prowess, it was far less than when the larynx was untouched. Singing and speaking were worse because of poor breath support.

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