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Lakeshore Rants: It's time for a fashion silk necktie party(2)

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Lakeshore Rants: It's time for a fashion silk necktie party2

By James Protsman, Manitowoc 

It is harder to produce word sounds when anything touches the larynx. Because of this, the operational speed and quality of every word-based cognitive process declines. It is actually not necessary to touch the larynx to get these grossly depressing effects. A touch anywhere on the neck does the same thing, especially when the area over the windpipe is touched.

You need to prove this yourself. With neck bare, untouched by anything, sing a song or read out loud or silently, then touch your neck anywhere and try these activities again. You should notice touching the neck makes word production more difficult. When something touches the neck, the pressure, no matter how slight, causes neck muscles to reflectively tense.


This is a pressure reflex. It seems to be a defense mechanism to protect the windpipe and arteries in the neck from attack. Neck muscles stay tensed until the pressure is removed. A tensed neck makes it harder to move the air formation of word sounds when speaking, reading, thinking, etc. Because of this pressure reflex, the silk necktie has to go whenever a male wants to be at his mental and vocal best.

Actually, any type of clothing that touches the neck, or such things as necklaces and chains worn around the neck, also must go when men and women don’t want to be dummied down by the pressure reflex. However, ties seem to produce the worst effect. 

A Cornell University study found the majority of men wear their silk neckties too tight and this causes tension in the eyes, which slows eye movement and visual processing. 

And the final reason not to wear a tie is they seldom are cleaned, making them a paradise for bacteria, which is why doctors are advised not to wear them when treating patients in order to prevent the spreading of infections. 

Fashion gurus take note: Dressing for success now demands the banishment of the tie. Every day millions of men put on ties to go to work or for some formal occasion, and as the tie snugs up around their neck, the brain goes into dummy mode. 

Will the world be a better place without ties? How can it not be. 

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