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Fredericton mayor tells necktie Nazis to 'loosen' up

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Fredericton mayor tells necktie Nazis to 'loosen' up

By Teresa Smith, Canwest News Service

The often colourful mayor of Fredericton is tired of being tied up every morning.

It has nothing to do with the busy schedule of a seven-term New Brunswick politician — and everything to do with the hassle of arranging his necktie, something he sees as so 1636.

Brad Woodside, 61, last week asked his Twitter followers why modern men insist on wearing neckties to the office.

"I don't think people realize even why they wear them anymore," he said, adding that the staple accessory, which originated in the 1600s, is out of date.

The generally accepted story is that King Louis XIV, the notoriously fashionable French monarch, took a liking to the uniforms worn by Croatian soldiers in the Thirty Years War. He admired the way they tied their kerchiefs 'round their necks, so the Sun King adopted the idea, added lace and frills and, as fashionistas from France often do, helped to make it a trend around the world.

But Woodside thinks it's about time to loosen up. "They're restrictive around the neck, they get in the way," he said. "Wearing one doesn't do anything to increase productivity."

It's not that the mayor hates the Windsor knot, or any knot, for that matter; he still wears a tie to special events. His favourite yellow and green silk cravat from South Korea has earned him more than a few compliments over the years. "But I think we should treat it like a tuxedo," he said. "When it's a special occasion, take out your best tie and show it off."

"Stephen Harper doesn't always wear one," he added. "I think, more and more, people are starting to get it: You don't need to wear a necktie every day."

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