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Woven silk Scarf dispute linked to killing

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Woven silk Scarf dispute linked to killing

BRAMPTON, Ontario (AP) - Aqsa Parvez would leave home each morning wearing track pants and a Muslim head scarf. Once the 16-year-old got to school, she would remove the scarf and change into close-fitting jeans.
But, her friends said, her parents got wind of what she was doing. Parvez soon began showing up at school with bruises on her arms.
It was a struggle that may have led to Parvez' death this week at the hands of her father, who was denied bail Wednesday after being charged with strangling her.
The killing has ignited a debate in Canada about the conflict between first- and second-generation immigrants who struggle to maintain traditional Muslim values and their children's desire to fit into Western culture. Canada has about 750,000 Muslims.
Parvez, whose familiy is of Pakistani origin, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition Monday after her father made an emergency call in which he claimed to have killed her, police said. She later died.
Police spokesman Wayne Patterson said authorities were working to determine the motive and refused to confirm it was over the hijab, the traditional Muslim head scarf. A lawyer for the father said there was "more to the story than just cultural issues."
But friends said Parvez was planning to leave home in Mississauga, Ontario, because of tensions with her family over her decision to stop wearing her head woven silk scarf at high school. They said she often had bruises and that she predicted days before her death that her father would "kill her."
"Her dad would want her to be about Muslim this, Muslim that, but she was more about living her life to the fullest. She just wanted to show her parents that you could be religious, but also be who you wanted to be," said Alex Prasad, a friend and fellow student at Parvez's suburban Toronto school, Applewood Heights Secondary.
According to her friends, Parvez wore the hijab when she started school at Applewood Heights last year. But after getting teased about the head woven silk scarf, she stopped wearing it a few months ago.

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