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Don a pink woven silk scarf for a good cause

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Don a pink woven silk scarf for a good cause

IF you are ever at Emperor's Palace, head to the Emporium. The redevelopment has finally been finished and now you can dine and be entertained. For traditional Greek cuisine, head to Platia or if you enjoy Portuguese try out Braza. For those in need of something spicy, try out Taste of Mumbai for great curries. For the little ones, there is the newly renovated childcare facility Jupiters, managed by qualified and experienced childcare experts who will offer a safe and stimulating experience. Teens will have fun at the Magic Company with the latest video and arcade games.

JAZZ fans can look forward to the show Birth of the Blues at the Catalina Theatre. The show, which runs until October 25, will teach you the origins of the blues and its influence on world music. Discover why rock musicians of the 1960s and 1970s were so influenced by artists and bands such as Robert Johnson and Blind Lemon Jefferson. Discover how Louis Armstrong found his groove and how Billie Holiday and Ray Charles were inspired by the blues. The show, which is directed by Melvin Peters, features an all-star band. If you enjoy interesting and hilarious anecdotes then this is just for you.

THE multiple Grammy award-winning artist Israel Houghton is set to rock South Africa. The composer, producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and talented singer is one of gospel music's greatest. Houghton is well known for his youthful performances and his mix of contemporary gospel. Houghton will appear live at The Coca Cola Dome in Randburg on October 23, at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli on October 24 and at Hillsong Church in Cape Town on October 25.

SUPPORT a good cause by wearing a pink scarf on Global Pink Hijab Day. The day focuses on the importance of being conscious of breast health. Last year, Absa Islamic Banking joined the campaign and distributed pink hijabs to Muslim schoolgirls nationally. This year the bank will extend the cause by involving business women nationally through the innitiative on October 29. The bank aims to raise awareness of breast cancer nationally and wants women across all cultures to participate. The bank is inviting all women's organisations nationally that would like to be part of the project to e-mail Nasima Sayeed on nasima.

FOR a lifestyle magazine show created specifically for South African Indian women, tune into So Fab on Saffron TV. The show features Saffron's very own "Spice Girls" with trendy Kajal, Manisha and Erouda. Expect a romp through the world of fashion, glamour and style. There is also the latest and greatest style tips with the country's foremost fashion experts. The show, hosted by Kajal, now includes fashion advice from Manisha, covering accessorising and trends. Eurouda presents chick flik reviews, Bollywood "eye candy" and a selection of a segment entitled Goodies for Girls. Catch the show on channel 456 every Saturday at 1.30pm and 23.30pm. The show repeats several times during the week.

A new show airing on the channel is the The Rise and Rise of Shahrukh Khan. The show documents one of the most successful actors of the world. The eight-part series will take the viewer through the life and times of the superstar, detailing his school and college days from his move to the theatre, his love affair with Gauri Chibber and penniless life in Mumbai. The show airs Sunday at 2pm and 6.30pm and repeated again on Monday at 8am and 1.30pm

THE long-awaited sequel to the cult vampire series Twilight will be hitting South African cinemas next month. Fans around the world have been eagerly anticipating New Moon, the second installment, based on the popular books by Stephanie Meyer. The sequel is said to be far more darker as secrets are revealed and some questions answered. The series revolves around romance between mortal, Bella Swan, and vampire, Edward Cullen. The story of New Moon once again centres around Bella as she discovers the feud between vampires and werewolves and realises that her former Nemesis is on her trail. The movie is said to be far more grisly than the first with cutting edge graphics, along with action-packed scenes and a killer soundtrack. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner star in this teen cult. The movie opens at the end of November.

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