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Printed silk Scarf That Do the Talking

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Printed silk Scarf That Do the Talking


THE odd emergence a year and a half ago of the “summer scarf” — a lightweight foulard that overly trendy men and women refused to lose even as the temperature rose — left Irini Arakas, a jewelry designer and onetime Vogue editor, dumbfounded. “Really?” she joked. “It’s 110 degrees and you’re wearing a printed silk scarf? But that’s what tuned me in: this is a real movement, a real accessory.”

Soon thereafter, Ms. Arakas began designing scarves for her Prova line that felt like necklaces. She cut them in triangles to drape easily around the neck, and trimmed the edges with colorful beaded fringe. Ikram in Chicago picked them up; Michelle Obama wore one in Paris. Several months ago, Barneys asked her to do a lower-priced collection, and the eye-popping organic cotton and silk-blend printed scarves are being scooped up quicker than Ms. Arakas can make them.

Introducing the Statement Scarf. Not nearly as woolly as the winter muffler, and certainly more interesting to look at, the striking, oft-embellished wrap has replaced the statement necklace as the preferred way to add drama to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

“I think they’re the perfect accessory to dress up your existing wardrobe,” said Melanie Ward, the longtime stylist and Harper’s Bazaar fashion editor who tends to punch up her black-and-white uniform with tribal-looking scarves, tied bandit-style. Her new clothing line, Blouson Noir, which is scheduled to reach stores in February, includes a series of scarves illustrated by the artist Miguel Villalobos and adorned with removable feathers. “They almost double as modern jewelry,” she said.

For Ms. Arakas, they have made getting dressed a whole lot easier. “I just throw on an embellished printed silk scarf with a Rick Owens jacket,” she said. “And I’m done.”

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