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Say it with a printed silk scarf

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Say it with a printed silk scarf

Gone are the days of wrapping dozens of presents in non-eco-friendly, disposable paper and plastic. From entrepreneur Patricia Lee comes a reusable and beautiful way to wrap presents this holiday season - with a printed silk scarf!

In her recent book "The Wrapping Scarf Revolution" (Leisure Arts, Inc., $16.95), Lee shares the techniques behind this traditional Asian form of gift wrapping. Having grown up using wrapping scarves, or bojagi, as they are called in Korean, Lee saw the potential and convenience behind this beautifully artistic and elegant style of wrapping. By adding a modern twist to appeal to the growing sustainability movement, Lee drew on her painting and design backgrounds to bring this fading tradition into the 21st century.

In her scarf-wrapping how-to guide, you'll learn the basics of knotting reusable fabric scarves, available in a variety of colorful prints and designs. With 10 styles of scarf wrapping and additional instructions on easy-to-make handbags, you'll find yourself quickly picking up expertise with styles like the Lotus Wrap or Tissue Box Frock. or on Lee's site videos showing some of the techniques are easy to follow and visually show users the step-by-step secrets to mastering the perfect wrap.

Another benefit to wrapping with scarves? Scarves can be draped, wrapped or knotted to accommodate a wide range of items, no matter their size.

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