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Men's : printed silk Neckties with Shirts with Suits

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Men's : printed silk Neckties with Shirts with Suits

Men's fashion has this unfortunate tendency to get complicated. Guys are encouraged to wear style pieces described as 'classic' and 'timeless,' but outfits become boring if the selection is limited to just those pieces. Textured ties, printed shirts and patterned suits can help fight the monotony of an outfit that has too much 'classic' and not enough 'cool'.

printed silk Neckties on Shirts Picking the right necktie to go with the right shirt is a skill that not many men, even the ones at the office, have. Combining colors and mixing prints are delicate balances of aesthetic restraint and personal style; They do take a fair amount of time to fully master.

A patterned tie, a pin dot or a geometric print, for example, has to be more discreet than the shirt, especially if the latter is striped. The easiest way to do this is to wear a tie whose pattern is smaller in scale than that of the shirt. If the shirt's pattern takes up a centimeter per repetition, say, the strategic tie would occupy less than half of that space.

The rationale behind this approach lies in which piece gets more attention. They're two very distinct pieces that are being used in a single outfit. Men's fashion places much value in achieving balance, and a balanced look is easier to build when just one piece, the shirt, in this case, is in the spotlight. The tie is just there to provide some extra contrast and break the monotony, all while maintaining a print by itself.

A reverse situation, meanwhile, a striped tie over a patterned shirt, switches the roles of necktie and shirt. With that kind of combination, you get better results when it's the necktie that's the star. See to it that the printed silk neckties stripes and colors are bigger and bolder than the print of the shirt. A shirt that will do well in the supporting role would have a simple base color and a classic print color.

Putting striped ties on striped shirts is also a very stylish combination, if you do it right, that is. The single most important rule of thumb here is to keep the shirt's stripes bolder than those on the shirt. Put the tie on center stage and your outfit will do just fine.

Suits on Shirts Once you throw a suit into the style equation, you're stepping into territory of the truly fashionable. Not only does a suit take up so much more real estate, but it also has to be within the bounds of traditional suit standards, and the office dress code.

Checked shirts work well under pin or chalk stripe suit jackets. The key element is the size and scale of the check relative to the stripes. If the stripes on the jacket have a fair amount of space to them, the shirt should be similarly scaled. In the most ideal combo, you should be able to line the pattern up with the stripes on the suit jacket.

Patterned jackets, meanwhile, should be supported by a plain shirt to provide contrast. If you're up for a sartorial challenge, try throwing in a tactile pattern such as the one you'd find in a grenadine or a knit tie. It'll complement the visual pattern on the jacket. The shirt, on the other hand, has to be as subtle as the jacket is outspoken. It's these two maintain the balance.

If both your shirt and your jacket have stripes, however, the shirt has to make the bigger statement between them. Understated suits like tonal striped ones are perfect for this kind of style combination. A plain and solid tie, however, would be in order, what with all the stripe action you already have going.

Special fabrics like tweed and flannel need no further embellishment when they're used for a jacket. Let the fabric's texture do the talking and match it with a shirt made from a very plain, texture-neutral fabric. Patterns on your shirt will be unnecessary as well, though you can feel free to be playful with something like a bright colored tie that will really catch attention.

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