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Layoff spurs salesman to invent new printed silk necktie

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Layoff spurs salesman to invent new printed silk necktie

By Thomas Becnel

TAMPA - Slouched on a sofa in his near-empty condominium, Joe Sale picks up the remote control and plays his favorite scene from his favorite movie.

It's a profane rant from "Glengarry Glen Ross," with Alec Baldwin berating and cajoling an office full of salesmen.

"A, B, C," Baldwin sneers, glaring around the room. "A, Always. B, Be. C, Closing. Always be closing. Always be closing. ... You want to work here? Close."

Sale mutters along with the monologue, urging the salesman to close a deal. He knows most of the speech by heart.

"I play it at least once a week," he says. "It kind of motivates me, keeps me driven."

Sale is a 32- year-old salesman who was laid off more than 18 months ago,

He has stopped making payments on his condo. His unemployment benefits are about to expire. He has no health insurance.

He still applies for jobs, but without much hope.

What keeps Sale going, what keeps him busy, what keeps him sane, is a neckwear product called the iTie.

The necktie he developed features a tab with button holes that fasten to a shirt, keeping the tie from flopping around and getting in the way. There is also a hidden pocket that will carry business cards, as originally intended, or a small iPod.

Introducing ... the iTie.

The catchy brand, along with his perfectly appropriate last name, helped land Sale a spot on a Discovery Channel program called "Pitchmen." He got endorsements from legendary salesmen such as the late Billy Mays. Newspaper and magazine stories followed.

One of his regular customers is Joseph Kirkland, a waiter at an Italian restaurant in Charlotte, N.C. He saw the iTies on TV and bought several for himself.

"I thought, 'Wow, this is perfect for me,' because my tie's always getting into people's food," Kirkland says. "I bought one and I loved it."

Kirkland buttons the buttons on his ties, but he hasn't found a use for the pocket: "It's a novel idea, but not very feasible for me."

That kind of reaction has sent Sale in a new direction. He now pushes a line called Anchor Neckwear, de-emphasizing the iTie brand.

"It kind of has a gimmicky connotation to it," he says. "What I'm trying to do is position it more for retail."

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