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Grandpa doesn't want another printed silk necktie

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Grandpa doesn't want another printed silk necktie

She recently visited China and arrived back with her Christmas presents, including a warm printed silk scarf for her father-in-law.

What Joyce Knowles, 76, enjoys most is attending concerts and musical theatre and she has racked up an impressive list over the years: Show Boat, Cats and Phantom of the Opera. This year for Christmas (attention husband Bill Knowles) she would like to tickets to Fiddler on the Roof.

Knowles, who uses a wheelchair, lives at Versa Care Centre on Main St., where staff have been busy for the past four weeks getting ready for Christmas.

Program manager Lori Jones-Chizewski oversees the purchase of presents for every one of the 150 residents. Everybody gets a stocking filled with toiletries and treats, plus a present on Christmas Day.

Her team raises $10,000 throughout the year to fund the presents, which include clothes, slippers, pajamas, books, music, puzzles and games, DVDs, clock radios and chocolates. She is on the hunt for a special "Santa clock" that one of the residents requested.

"We know each person and try to get something special for them," says Jones-Chizewski, adding that the majority of residents will dine out with family on Christmas Day, although the centre also hosts turkey dinner at noon for families who visit residents on site.

She recommends buying books or printed materials in big print, easy-to-operate gadgets like CD players or clock radios with a minimum of buttons and instructions. Slippers should have heels so they don't slip off the foot and trip someone, she says, and zippers are better than buttons on clothing.

Her fellow shopper, activation coordinator Jane Devine, helps line up 40 "Secret Santas" for the residents who have no family. She says people who come from other lands often wants pictures, books and music that remind them of home.

"Christmas, for me, is huge," Devine laughs.

Many agencies working with seniors try to ensure older people, especially those who have little family or are isolated or ill, receive a gift at Christmas.

Home Instead Senior Care, a private agency providing supports for the elderly, organizes an annual gift drive by decorating trees in public venues with the "wishes" of isolated seniors.

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