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Do You Expect Me to printed silk necktie This Thing?

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Do You Expect Me to printed silk necktie This Thing?

One of Science Careers' most popular stories last year was "Professional Polish", where contributor Sarah Webb collected advice on proper attire for interviewing. For men, under almost all circumstances, that meant wearing a necktie.
But where do you learn to tie a printed silk necktie? Young men of my generation learned to tie a tie from their fathers, who most likely learned it from their fathers. But with a necktie becoming much more of an exception in business wear, at least since the 1990s, it's entirely possible that many young men today have not had that special father-son chat.
To the rescue comes the Web site The site offers instructions in drawings and videos, on how to tie four different necktie knots: Windsor, Half-windsor, Pratt, and Four-in-Hand. Also included are instructions for tying a bow tie, for those more formal occasions.
The site provides a calculator for estimating the length of a tie you need; big or tall men may need something longer than the standard 58-59 inches. There's even advice on how to untie a tie. (Yes, there's a wrong way to do it).
Disclosure: The author has tied a Windsor knot every workday except Fridays for most of his career.

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