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The origin of silk necktie

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                       The origin of silk necktie

    1668 years, French king Louis xiv in Paris, mercenaries officers inspected Croatia mercenaries tie with the collar of cloth belt, The first is the historical records of silk tie. The history starting a tie, Since then, costume culture is blooming flower enduring Can demolished and dazzling.

    That tie, tie can talk suit and suit is pair of twin brothers. The emergence and development of ties with the 17th century Europe of men’s clothing of change has a very close relation.

The 17th century Europe men wear tights, earrings, wearing wrinkled shirt, velvet flowers bring up high above the hairstyle, wearing a hat with a bag, the tassel small stick put it up. Wear shirts as underwear in inside, collar is luxuriant adornment, high added a lace collar and neck in the beautiful embroidery on the falbala, collar discount, the annular into flower superposition collar Lou in the outside, can be seen from the coat. The shirt is a vest, then with short coat, wearing stockings and tight breeches. This kind of pursuit is luxuriant, exquisite luxurious clothing in the most fashionable nobles, It contains the delicate and tender women style, is "rococo" style of the typical male. The dress with woman man "is not only a spinning wheel", people have made various efforts to reform, but in vain men clothing.

Until 18th century French bourgeois revolution has declared the end of life, the palace noble man gave up luxuriant dress, change into the simplicity of costume. When the empire similar style of dress popular type clothing: tall waist, coat, large drooping nature skirt with lantern sleeve, bosom collarband slightly below the collar, luxuriant, to bring, bring the patieats patieats of black silk tie before or tie. Tie a scarf, with white linen, cotton, silk, etc, on the neck, in two laps around the former cross, and then bring down, there are also drew bow. In this novel, "lang and tie in the dark:" his coat collar shaft high, he wore a vest, black cloth of nanjing m. silk tie in width of his neck. "three laps around it to tie to poet byron very exquisite, when he bringeth good satisfactory style, put aside the tie was steeped himself. Then, a woman and a tie, the princess likes black ribbons and bud silk tie, the tie with elegant and chic.

Around 1850, suit for sports. To 1870, people began to wear a suit and tie become fashion, a suit with tie-in and indispensable ornamental. Based on some clothing expert’s analysis, tie is like corsage, show the same gender characteristics, a symbol of the two kinds of rational sense of responsibility, reflected a serious law-abiding spiritual world, and this is precisely when the men have painstakingly. This tie for the band, usually diagonal shape, sometimes in lining cloth, width, with black color. It is said that the first one silk tie for the invention of Britain’s 1868. 19 century, duke of Windsor played to tie to rage, is the symbol of the 19th century artists, then tie shape and basic affect now in the law.

The 19th century, tie to America. American people invented the string tie (or cowboy, black tie) is the string tie in the 19th century, the American west southern gentleman typical deserve. Then there was a kind of metal o-ring on the slide, says Paul string tie tie.

Now silk necktie bar at the end of the 19th century follows the basic design, 45 °, oblique cutting in lining cloth, silk, there must be a guantum color pattern, the standard variety. After centuries of evolution, with the development of the degree of civilization of silk tie, also more and more exquisite and delicate art, design, colorific trend from the more perfect and more beautiful.

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