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Printed silk tie method and washing methods for removing some stubborn stains

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1. Washing by:
As the prinde silk tie fabric and lining materials in different, very volatile and wrinkles after washing and also easy to damage the surface of the shiny ties, must not tie the whole into the water to wash, preferably dry. Place tie knot easily soiled dirt, which can be placed in a basin filled with petrol rub or brush. Other places where dirt, scrub with a cloth dipped in petrol can.
2. Washing raw materials:
If your dry cleaning, washing raw materials for high-purity alcohol or more than 120 gasoline colorless solvent.
3. Washing:
Printed silk tie After solvent evaporation, such as the tie is still a large number of the above stains, use a soft scrub brush lightly dampened with water.

will be soaked in about ten minutes or so; use of smooth, without thorns of a stick tapping tie dirty places such as the tie stains too large, use hands rubbing; water for shower after hanging up the net. 4. Ironing:
Ironing board with a hard cut to shape or tie a piece of paper folded into tie-shaped, stuffed lined part of the tie, and then gently pressing to prevent the iron will be too rigid on all sides, but also do not pad cloth to iron out, but should adopt a low temperature, ironing faster to avoid yellowing and "Aurora" phenomenon. If the tie has a slight wrinkle, which can be tightly rolled in a clean bottle, the septum wrinkles can disappear one day.
5. Storage:
Printed silk tieTie storage to keep dry, do not put moth balls moth.
In the collection, the best to iron look, in order to achieve the purpose of moth insect sterilization. Tie the best hanging up, cover a bag to prevent dust.
Printed silk tie
1. In addition to printing grease:
With soap and petrol mixture (without water) painted in the color stains, gently rub, it dissolves off, and then soapy water washing, with water drift net. If after washing soap, oil has been eliminated, the color is still, treatment should be fading. Use bleach or insurance powder (for silk tie) to remove color stains.
2. In addition to blood, milk trace:
Toss the carrots pestle salt, painted stained with blood, milk stains, gently rub the tie, reuse of water drift net. is easy to glue on several stubborn stains, I summarize some simple tips: is not in the sun exposure to prevent yellowing fade.

3. In addition to tea, coffee stains:
If printed silk tie sprinkled coffee or tea, if off immediately and scrubbing with hot water can be cleaned. If the stain has dried, use a more complex approach would wash up. Egg yolk mixed with glycerin and wipe the stain solution coated Department, to be a little dry, then water washing can be.


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