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Tie is a male pet costumes

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Men must wear a suit and tie, as if a woman is wearing evening dress generally worn as jewelry. Tie in the men's clothing in the possession of a remarkable position, some people say it is a man on the neck of a landscape. In a variety of social field, the department of a suitable tie, make men more handsome, handsome. 
 Now, tie a wide variety of its features are: light soft printed silk necktie,a bright color and crystal clear, quiet elegant pattern, lined in thick wool filled, feel good, fresh crisp. Hand knitted polyester necktie rich and easy to wrinkle, recovery is better than printed silk tie. Wool tie it using a thin material plain, flat feel pretty good, dignified and generous. Cotton poplin tie satin smooth, soft, elegant tone. Tie pattern is diverse, enormous, there are stripes pattern, Amanda pattern, character-free flowers, design patterns, etc., in which stripes pattern a tie using the most enduring. 
Color depth must be affordable, suitable for cold and warm phase. Appropriate depth, is to suit a large area of the main color, tie a small area of secondary, so that each background, decorative, decoration. If suit is dark, can tie the color lighter, so light-colored or gray suit and tie on the use of darker tones. Suitable for warm and cold phase, is a suit and tie to seek coordination of the cold and warm colors. At present, the suit popular color is generally black, gray, blue, coffee, beige and cream and so the most common. Black suit, with silver-gray, blue tones or red and white oblique stripe tie, looked solemn generous, calm and steady. Dark blue suit, with blue, deep rose, orange, brown tie, looked simple and generous, inconspicuous elegance. Dark green suit, with light gray, yellowish gray tie, appeared Hua Guidian elegant, sparkling. White suit and tie with red or brown, it is extremely elegant, dazzling. Beige with navy blue suit, brown tie, looked more impressive style to advantage.
    Tie color options are also learned. First, the tie color to harmonize with the skin color. Such as the color black are suitable for light-colored tie, but should not choose obvious eye-catching yellow; and color than white people, choose a dark or more bright tie. Second, the tie color should match with the age. Young people can choose flowers and lively, strong colors such as red, black and white stripes pattern, it can increase the person’s youth, gives a sense of vigor and vitality; the best choice for serious and generous old patterns, such as black and white oblique stripes, blue concave pattern, brown oblique stripes can all be.
in the men’s clothing in the possession of a remarkable position, some people say it is a man on the neck of a landscape.

In addition, the selection also consider tie occasions. For example to participate in festive banquets, to use a red printed silk tie or suit. In the solemn and serious situations, it is appropriate dark or black tie.

    Color colorful tie, wear should suit the color patterns may be.

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