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The scarf, let you be a myriad people fan

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The scarf, let you be a myriad people fan

Audrey Hepburn said: "when I wear scarves, I never felt so clearly is a beautiful woman." Silk is a woman fluttering, total in casual reveal, gently each silk scarf, each style reflects different women different mentality and feelings. Silk, has been the most effective add feminine charm of decoration, shine and gloss of skin delicate woman holds.

Silk is JiaoLi, very feminine, give her a wisp wind, regardless of the northwest, she will be insanely southeast to drift, enthusiasm, active too many. Sometimes, silk is really enough ", and "stable" water YangHua "disrelish. But who can be regarded casually, like silk itself. The woman said many of the mind, not hidden, dreary, Find a pretext, facing the friend, talk, breath, even, also be not pleased from forbid. Sometimes, even more, silk is "intimate lover", as long as you use her, she will do.

Surface is very stubborn woman, a silk scarf foil, like a heart full of crystal water lily pond.

The choice of silk and you in style and colour season is closely related. What colour is the season? Are you from head to foot, is the color of your hair, the eyes, skin color, divided into deep and shallow, cold, warm, clean, soft six classes.

Every woman almirah, in addition to many clothes will have several silk scarf, silk dress is the ornament, an ordinary clothes through a silk small ornament will arise, but also bear the scarf fasten method and the collocation of color, how to choose a suitable own scarf, but have knowledge greatly, today, let me say things! Besides color should choose to silk, but also pay attention to the design, quality of a material and method, such as a small lace, small grid silk suits show small, lovely girl "man", they do not suit the scarf fasten too exaggeration, such as big bowknot cape or big etc. "Romance" requirement is colorful and delicate, so some rough texture scarf can fasten, such as cotton, hemp, is wrinkly, etc. Silk pattern can be water ripple, big flower, method can also have feminine taste and atmosphere, such as big bowknot, big pattern, etc.

The scarf fasten method -- a rosette

Roses: when the rose flower bloom in your neck when, as if to smell the fragrance.
Fasten method,

1 silk around his neck to cross into the next short length.
In a long neck, playing in the end.
3 the long into twine.
4 along a winding roll rings knot rose pattern. Will the natural. Short,

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