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Scarf - beautiful and practical with the existing

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Women can no expensive diamond or fashion, but it must be suited to their temperament has 12 silk scarves. Especially in the spring and summer this year, with a small square has become a fashion trend. In addition, Beijing's spring sandstorm larger when approaching the sand, will wear the scarf as a dust-proof products, but also a good choice.
Rejoice spring day, a charming woman with a stylish colorful
silk scarf, a street a beautiful scene. You do not rigidly adhere to the existing silk line method, so that rules deny a rich imagination and creativity. According to their own emotions, you may want to put in their body-widths are dotted - lines in the waist, surrounded hair, hanging in the chest, around the arm, or even wrapped around the ankle, as long as it look good, as long as you happy.
Optional: pay the bill before tried on

Buy scarves, shawls and other clothing with the same election, first tried on, only wear a body can be seen dressed effect. Then see if the color match with his face, and clothes match of Gao Bugao, it is used to buy equipment or office with a party dress then? Finally it can be considered lipstick color, belt or purse and other small accessories matching.
When you are certain a
silk scarf Italy, the first thing to do is be close to the face and see whether the match with his face. If not fit with the face, do not hesitate to give up. To note that although some of the color design silk scarf perfect, but for the color of their favorite and still exists between the subtle differences. This should be done to compare a variety of colors, from far away look in the mirror, identified with the body and clothing with the overall atmosphere of the situation. Back effects and side effects can not be ignored. After the scarf then formed a normally common shapes tried on, so you can know this kind of pattern shown by the style and effectiveness.
A higher level, with a way to have when printing on clothes and scarves, the clothes and scarves in the colors must have a "main", "vice" parts, general recommendations to silk printing for the "main", clothes Printed as "vice"; and a simple stripe or grid of clothing, more suitable for printing with non-directional scarf. If the clothes and scarves are directional printing, the silk printing and clothing to avoid repeated printing, and clothing must also avoid stripes, lattice in the same direction.
Use: Department of scarves Dress up a proper way
In addition to the traditional scarf around neck line methods such as type, butterfly fancy, around the first type, fancy collar, headband style, triangle, etc., the length can be different according to the size of the design and your own preferences, or the system it in the waist, or pectoral, or surrounded headdress, or department in the bag, or the scarf as a belt, waistband skirt, hat, or even folded into a shirt, jacket to wear.
Grasp the essentials with a scarf, not only can create a unique personal image, but also saving home equipment budget. In this system offers several different scarf law, help you to fully display their charm.
The scarf diagonally folded, the neck end of a flower (for medium and small square);
Fold the scarf diagonally, then fold the triangle corners, so that square was strip, hit a knot in the neck (for large, square);
    Fold the scarf diagonally, dressed in the shoulder, and the marked end (for large, square);
    Will live long scarf wrapped hair, fixed Fortunately, playing behind a knot (for a rectangular scarf);
    Fold the scarf diagonally, fold corners to the triangle, so square and striped in shape and take a round in the neck office, and then marked with a bow at the neck (for large square);
    Will be folded into a square-shaped organ, gently resting on the neck (for large, square);
    Will be folded into a square-shaped organ in the neck hit a knot (for large, medium square).
With: distinguish occasions icing on the cake
    Entertainment occasions, will be marked with a silk flower in the front end, display side Zhuang Shumei; in formal occasions, the big scarf draped over his shoulders, showing beautiful and elegant; in casual occasions, the Department of flowers in the back of the neck scarf, it flowing a little more dynamic.
1. Social, banquet, party

Yarn and fur, forming a natural combination of stripes, will be gorgeous and delicate combination was just right for wear on formal occasions. These occasions is usually a clear standard clothing, silk garments with these must have the following characteristics, bright color, excellent texture, pattern and detailed, showing the elegant luxury features.
2. Office, picnic, friends and relatives
    Daily life of the clothing is relatively simple, natural comfort can, choice scarf also larger, relatively narrow scarf more practical to base the main colors, patterns as simple as showing the characteristics of lightweight flexible .
Maintenance: wash each store coup

In maintenance, scarves, scarf best kept separate and not put together with clothing. Want to reduce the storage space means scarves,
silk scarf can be rolled wool material "sushi" shape. So do not waste too much space, nor does it cause many to start above the crease when the scarf.
    Dry cleaning
silk scarf proposal. Application of neutral detergent such as washing their own hand wash, dry low iron silk after the opposite.


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