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Selection techniques important occasions tie

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Selection techniques important occasions tie
Sight fashion bride and groom! Brides can not just focus on your thinking very hard how to forget Banmei around Mr. Right! Equipment must not underestimate the groom, in addition to a handsome dress, the tie is one of the essential accessories. COSMO Bride teach you choose the right temperament to tie the performance of the groom, let it be with the soul of dress!
The basic law of the wedding tie
Wedding Colors:
Colors can be divided into conventional tie pale color, dark or bright color, darker color and so on. In the grand wedding, the groom usually choose black, blue, gray, white suit, new necktie colors to choose from high-profile a little bit of saturated colors, such as red, green and blue, so Stern, are commonly used in wedding color. Red people feel happy, hot, love; green energy, long-term, peaceful feeling; blue subtle, elegant and deep ... ...
Wedding pattern:
In plain, stripes, spot patterns, lattice, geometry, patterns and other types of tie pattern, the point pattern and plain tie are very suitable for wedding occasion, the groom is suitable to use pedantic point density patterns on the thickness; and standards plain revealing stable, balanced, elegant feeling. In addition, the dots represent admiration, as a wedding design more sweet flavor.
The basic law of the wedding tie
Silk fabric:
In all silk, polyester, blended, wool, cotton and other fabrics used in the tie, silk tie wedding is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice of tie. Tie structure is divided into surface, the liner 3, the most important surface and lining. Good lining, can fully protect the precious and delicate set off a special fabric, the choice of the time have great attention. In the spring and summer into the wedding hall of the groom are suitable for use linen texture silk tie, or ties, can be fully revealed the exquisite sense of the pursuit of quality of life.
Bow Tie (tie):
Compared and tie, bow ties are not that many rigid and some more fun, learn inside the Playboy Gossip Girl Chuck Bass, catch up with the Philippe Lim and Band of Outsiders out of the new breed of classic American style locomotive fashion, make a preppy bridegroom it!

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