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Secret varieties necktie future

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Secret varieties necktie future
Hanging tie knot-free
This is a free end hanging tie, it belongs to the daily necessities. Mainly by the lining racks, rings,necktie fabric and forming the composition. Shape and frame lining fabric can be used in a wide variety of, played a beautiful decorative effect. Is not required when making a long strip made of tape, thus save material and reduce the cost; use without a tie knot, just hung on to the shirt buttons to is that people are the ideal decorative items.
Activities tie
This is an activity of the silk ties, mainly with a fixed end-one internal model, internal model of the given node or all the above either side of the left or right down to the appropriate location consistent with perforation, which is located extension of the bottom front of the Central Office have Fixing plate, the plate and then set a solid nail holes, and use the nail to rivet rivet holes before and after the tie body, and tie before the body is scheduled to end on the wound to a fixed internal model tie the other end of the body after the tie through the knot in the internal model of the perforation set, so that after the tie in between  and on the physical, the next activities to make easy and quick fastening or tie off, and the practical a more natural flavor of the new visual effects.
Tie knot-free portfolio
This is a combination of knot-free, characterized in that department with a body belt and tie at the neck to play part of it is split with solid content of external sets of free tie knot, which consists of exterior body and inner tension sets of components folder can also be set in the overall tie a knot at the exterior elastic clip set composed of body and lining. The tie has the combination of rich beauty with the artistic expression more flexible, but also has a stable shape, a variety of decorative patterns, and the advantages of ease of use and effect.
Security without a fixed clamp tie Necktie
This is a security ties not clipped, its main feature is the pull-belt with buckle, bow tie to wear in connection with support of pull with the support body, with activities in grommets on the ribbon, so do not wear a tie when will be similar activities shirt buttonhole buttons linked together with the pick, the tie is fixed, do not buy the clips, pull back up the case of a strong tie, belt and buckle pull themselves torn off, to avoid risk of suffocation.
Magnetic therapy tie
This is a magnetic therapy tie, from the outer, inner band, live on the composition and type junction. Where the band live on and stereotypes Results can be magnetic materials contain magnetic material and the adsorption of metal materials, magnetic materials and magnetic materials or between the suction force between the metal to replace the existing free zip tie, it not only to overcome the current lack of a tie-free, and there are magnetic effects on the human body. $ The present invention can also be available free on the basis of a tie into magnetic material, made of magnetic therapy tie.
Combined tie
This is a combined tie, which is characterized by: it includes neck strap, tie knots and long belt, neck strap ends are connected with elastic to take the lead and body, neck strap connected at both ends of the elastic to take the lead and the upper body, respectively, and the tie knot active connections at both ends, long to bring the Department of the Ministry of active connections andties forged; described belt through a hole in the top of a number of activities connected to the tie groove formed within the Ministry of column number of connections. The tie knot, neck strap and belt for the sub-structure, the use of active connections are to wear ties and carry convenient, fast and wear ties; the top of the belt, through its active connection to a number of holes formed in the tie, the Ministry of groove number of connections within the column, so that the upper limit on the length with the groove and connected to the connecting column, to avoid the long silk necktie with skewed relative to the tie knot, tie belt to tie knot with respect to remain centered, decorative effect.

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