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That long tie scarves how bring?

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Those who always around her neck printed silk scarf, although the garments add color, how much they seem boring, because too common. 2004 chun xia scarves collocation have N expression, it can make belts, tire, corsage, skirts, and even bag, has idea MM, still can put it molded into a bowknot!


Expression with silk scarves do a hat


Like Hollywood star same, the hair completely wrapped into printed silk necktie peep out a few silk bang, in warm spring, already can warm and appear elegant special. A will and fold filar towel A square big round face from the head in A circle and chin place cross, again A circle around department, in neck side knot. B and fold filar towel from big square forehead place fold, round head lap after knot, edge evaginate margin, hats, made out of one corner to the brim filar towel CangYe inside.


Expression two adornment bag


Using colorful scarves wound itself round black depressing briefcase, sinking atmosphere was instantly fly impulse. This creative by compositionally resolving the vogue of MiuMiu past release bow necktie. A long and fold filar towel from one end start by covering with plait weaving method to and fro winding, until covering with the other end again dozen bow.


Expressions made three bows


Today season is done bowknot, a figment of buy a too extravagant, also is not very practical. Silk scarves here but can send big use. Whether a big bowknot hersimply round into the rose, or shape, don't before the bosom collarband or ring in small KunBao.

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