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Silk scarves woman savour symbol

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Seeing a man ever taste see his tie, see a woman have taste see her scarf! There are many cultural silk scarves collocation, it is every woman to learn!

Every woman almirah, in addition to many clothes will have a few silk scarf, scarves, is clothes ornament, an ordinary clothes through a silk small ornament will arise, but living color silk scarves departmental method and the collocation of color, how to choose a suitable own silk scarf, but inside have knowledge greatly, today, let me say mysteries of these!

Silk scarves choice and you colour season type and the wearing style are closely related. What is the color season type? Are you from head to foot the coloring of the range is determined by your hair and eyes, skin color decision, divided into deep and shallow, cold, warm, pure and supple in 6 categories.

If you in life often termed "chocolate" beauty, you have black hair and black eyes and not too white complexion, you are a deep color type, then you choose to choose a few color silk scarves, colour dense gaudy, cannot choose too QingJian suffused with the old color, fasten this silk scarf can let your face looked pale and not spirit. On the contrary, some QingJian color silk, such as shallow peachy, shallow aureate etc., which are suitable for the "shallow" color type person is, this kind of people are not too black eyes, hair with pale skin, if is a dark silk scarf, can appear oldish and inflexible. Blue or purple scarves full of romantic colour, suitable for face is green bottom adjustable "cold" color type person department, "cold" color type person cannot department yellow background adjustable filar towel, can appear gaunt and no god. Orange color attune such as yellow background is filled with the sunshine warm, but not everyone with all good-looking, only "warm" color type person use beautiful, if you are a "warm" color type, can choose pumpkin color, such as XianHuang tonal silk scarves. Some bright pink, fat, aquamarine, etc XianYanDu high scarf is "clean" type person's good choice, black hair, white skin, black eyes is "clean" type, these GaoYan degrees of color can let "clean" type person refracts diamonds brilliance.

Silk scarves besides color to choose right, but also pay attention to the design, quality of a material and the law, such as a small lace, small grid scarf suits show small, lovely girls' "type person is, they do not suit the silk scarf fasten too exaggeration, such as big bowknot or shawl, etc. "Romantic" type requirement is colorful and delicate, so some rough texture scarf can fasten, such as hemp, very knit cotton, etc. Silk scarves pattern can be water ripple, big flower, fasten method can also atmosphere but have feminine taste, such as big bowknot, big pattern, etc.

Some girls like the silk scarf fasten into a tie type, handsome! This department method is suitable for "young" and "fashion" type person, match on shirts, can appear very fashionable very capable. "Ancient model" is noble, rigorous, scarves, departmental method requires dignified, material also want is exquisite, have simple sense, cannot too askew, too exaggeration. Some boximiya amorous feelings scarf fasten method is atmospheric and optional, maybe in the body armour hersimply can foil a "ZiRanXing" person's temperament, fabrics can also be linen, cotton, etc with wrinkle, and slightly rough feel, such as big club scarf, corduroy, duffel etc. And atmosphere is "drama" type person is the key, filar towel method not stingy and drew a little flower, small bow tie shape are not appropriate for them, should be shawl, big pattern to make public the temperament of atmospheric and they conform to, even small towel also should choose color larger some just good.

Choose the color and style of silk scarf, according to the style, correct hit suits him silk towel, can let your garment more give prize, more beautiful!

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