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Silk scarf - of thousands of winter set in that touch of style light

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Silk scarf - of thousands of winter set in that touch of style light

Elizabeth Taylor once said, a more extreme as saying: "No woman, Department of silk scarves, is a woman without a future." Demonstration of how a soft spot for her scarf. Audrey Hepburn is a little more calm •: "When I put on my scarf, I have never felt so clear I am a woman, a beautiful woman." It is true that printed silk scarf of the woman is so important.
       Several cold scratch, printed silk scarf appearance even faster than in autumn, can not wait to appear in the city streets. In that light and thin sections of soft, colorful and bright scarves, will rush the line, Painting Scattered women were the graceful, Yitaiwanfang became chic touch of the winter landscape.
      Winter, is a woman most suitable season for scarves. Because it has both stylish and elegant, but also to adapt to the temperature in autumn, so the women in silk scarves and down doing something that does not suffer.
•,1. of all for their own printed silk scarf is the best scarf.
• 2, a scarf when you're an Italian, the first thing to do is to close the face, with his face to see whether the match.
• 3, and then look in the mirror from a distance, shape recognition and the overall atmosphere of cooperation and clothing situation. Back effects and side effects can not be ignored.
• 4, with confidence when wearing the scarf, trying to wear with a scarf in different ways.
• 5, and then teach you the following recipe to Tell scarf approach.
• 6, soft sheen of printed silk scarf and even, although the bright but not glaring; Artificial Silk Scarf bright shiny though, but not smooth; less shiny nylon scarves, as coated with wax.
• 7, silk scarves, hand-touch feeling when handle, and other synthetic scarves do not have this feeling; Artificial Silk smooth soft towels, but not stiff; cotton hand towels slightest touch harder.
• 8, hands clenched and release printed silk scarf, silk elastic for a good scarf no creases; Artificial Silk Scarf was let go after fold, and crease hard to restitution; nylon scarf despite the crease, but can slowly restitution.
• 9, silk scarves will be issued when the friction between a sound, commonly known as "silk-ming", and other synthetic silk appears in the friction-free sound.
• Note: The new hair do as long as the pillow before going to bed in the spread of a smooth texture of silk, you can prevent hair variants.


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