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One of the leading neckwear manufacturers and suppliers in China, Shengzhou Jinfa Necktie Co., Ltd is specialized in producing and customizing competitive and quality neckwear products either OEM-based or self-branded, including Jacquard or woven, yarn dyed or printed silk or polyester neckties, scarves, shawls, stoles and bow ties, etc. more>>

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How to choose the necktie (b)

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How to choose the necktie (b)
11, you want quality?
Tie the quality of the relevant factors are very much in this to be a detailed description:
 1) depends on the fabric
Divided according to fabric silk tie Tie (silk) and polyester tie two. The cost of the two fabrics can be very large, low-cost multi-polyester, and silk are natural materials, is not easily deformed, wearing elegant features such as;
2) depends on the lining
Ties in the material can be divided into two types, namely polyester tie and silk tie. Same silk fabric, silk lining is a tie, more than half of the cost to be higher, fabrics and materials are also known as double-sided silk tie silk tie
3) Interlining
We know the thickness of fabric is very small, and tie the texture, very much from hand to bring the feeling of lining. Polyester lining lining material is divided into, two wool lining. Wool lining is divided into 30% wool, 50% wool, 70% wool, pure wool. Lining with the higher gross amount of the tie to do it the more expensive. In addition. Nap lining and lining is also divided into non-nap lining, brushed lining of galling than not a large portion of the cost to be higher.
4) The fabric of the tissue density
This is mainly for the silk tie, the ordinary silk tie, especially in small factories producing the domestic tie, knitted fabrics are 960 laws, 500 yuan less than the general market, this tie is tissue density. The 1920 high-end knit tie fabrics are the basic method, the fabric of dense tissue that is to double, so that the fabric should feel more solid, feels very, very good texture, professional it is called high-density ties, the domestic production of high-density few silk tie, because the cost is much higher, the basic price of the mall are more than 1,000 yuan.
5) Production Process
Tie the fabric, lining, lining the same case, the sewing process as there will be no different costs of a small gap.
Second, let's talk about give it away (what kind of person to send) how to choose tie:
1, how old?
Largely determine the size of the age of tie color options, generally 20; 30-year-olds, you can choose the color of the tie, casual, bright colors are very bright, flower-shaped relatively generous; 30; 40-year-old mature male, the general business start development or has reached a high degree, the mentality that they have been very stable, they are more concerned about the maturity and charm of its own, so to mature beyond their youthful passion and tender, for them, choose the necktie as a gift must be bright, but not play , dark red, dark blue color, should be the main color; men over the age of 40, passed Buhuozhinian, in addition to their stable state of mind, they began a naive idea, they began to yearn for the vitality of youth, so Then select the tie, can choose dark colors, there can choose bright colors, and they will not refuse your kindness, dark appeared to be mature, bright look he is still alive.
2, his favorite color?
You know his favorite color it? For instance, he played in the necktie, what colors are? He wore what color shirt? What is the color of his suit? These are the gifts you give a reference, he will not get one because you buy a suit and tie, so you get the tie, it is best that he can immediately assigned the color or flower shape, he will think you really in attention to him, understand him, Oh multiplier effect of your gift!
3, and his job? Be honest here, send gifts also pay attention to tie the best price. If the object is a high-end gift-giving business people, you must not grudge money, buy more well known brand, good quality, relatively high because of their life, how he can play ten thousand suits a 80 to necktie ah , to be honest, is really a look to see if it does not take the tone. If he is an ordinary white-collar workers, it can be a mid-range or mid-priced brand, they not only value the brand, the quality is very good choice, practical is their pursuit.

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