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Ignored seven men's fashion issue

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Error one: awkward leather jacket
Problem: not a fashion that allows you to wear clothing jacket coat effect, and certainly do not alone make any "retro" style it! Brother, you are not retro that point, of course, not fashion!
Solution: When you buy a jacket, they can consider all the way down to the numbers you totally do not wear so far. Then do not buy that than to wear a bigger size on the size of the jacket. That is warm, and fit. More importantly, this method can be called to wear so-called "Bao Poshou" jacket! As for that piece of your "skin coat", to consider a change of sofa cushion it!
Error II: Obama's Jeans
Question: high waist jeans, white washing is not just ugly, it is emphasized that all of you should not emphasize body parts! As Obama has such a thing through it, or leave the White House's stylist to regret it!
Solution: in the waist or low rise jeans, you can be stuck in the position of the sexiest hips, it highlights the best lines; to stroke your legs smooth curve, rather than put it in a denim bag. Of course, do not forget the way that your shoes off gas, and replaced with a pair of classic shoes Oh right!
Error three: Select the cheapest printed necktie 
Question: Well, if you do not tie our choice piece of this tie so ugly! However, excessive length is completely destroy your shape. Why? Very simple, inexpensive printed necktie  is easy to let your style look cheap and stingy.
Solution: Of course, the price is not the point. The focus of ties, materials, printing, width and length. However, if these requirements are met, then you, in most cases you need to make concessions on price. Remember, it is best not to tie the "cross" than your waist belt set!
Error Four: mast pants suit
Question: just bought a cool suit? Closer look at your ankles. Pants and jeans do not suit, as in the ankle piled a bunch of extra fabric? Sorry, that does not call cool!
Solution: Find a good tailor, let her help you change to change your pants. We suggest that you can say: "I want to shorten the pants xx size, please give me a direct curling, do not break joints." A class.
Remember: Of course, the tailors are usually free to play your pants to "public money." This, of course not! You must state clearly what you need, not "casual casual" can be sent to.
Error Five: Lost shirt collar
Question: When you do not tie when the shirt collar occasionally pressed by the wearer's lapel suit under it? The spirit of this style, but quite enough Oh!
Solution: First of all, to replace the collar of your shirt is stiff enough to fashion shirts. Or, you can chose a shirt with shirt collar stand following: a shirt collar to support the plastic sheet. Is very simple you can always keep your collar "upright."
Error Six: bad belt
Question: Do not tell me you it is with Tiger Woods to learn. For the tiger, learning his swing, his style than learning to be more practical. He was wearing a suit, especially when the shape, big cowboy belt, and did not make you a cowboy western gentleman.
Solution: buy a high quality texture of fine leather belt it. The sleek low-profile belt, you can use long time. Low-profile design and thin belt buckle, will make you look more sophisticated, more fashionable.
Error Seven: The suit does not fit entirely
Question: Well, you spent a considerable price to buy a suit, only to buy a quilt with the same. Know why? Is the size of the problem, of course. This has been emphasized many times that we fashion a fatal mistake! Do not young as 30 years to prepare their own fat suit, you know, it does not wear so many years.
Solution: We first mentioned the jacket repeat purchase method, apply it to suit your purchases. Also, we have to remind you that, if you do not have Yao high, then buy the normal style, not the kind of obsession with a long section of suits, well, it just does not apply to your legend.

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