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Magical and inclusion method of silk scarves

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Silk scarf is very malleable decorative props, its use has been extended to the entire life. If you have some stiff handbag style, you can use the same color of the scarf wrapped around the handle or tie a knot at random; If your bedroom walls of empty little modification, you can try to play a full wide-shaped silk flowers or simply placed on top of the bed is full of stories when the murals hanging scarf pattern; if your home is no longer novel and the living room chandelier can be used when the silk scarf wrapped your favorite shade and let it transform different "faces" and let you taste a different mood, in short, everything that comes from the careful sort of understanding in your life.
Maintenance scarf
    I believe every girl have a few beautiful silk scarves, the girls are certainly a lot of maintenance that they do not know how to worry. Indeed, the scarf is very fragile, and want your scarf is always dressed beautiful, may wish to listen to the advice of experts.
Label deal
Please note that record labels before cutting material, such as washing instructions, and then use scissors to cut the label along the label edge, then carefully cut the yarn label to prevent damage to scarf curling.
Silk scarf recommended dry cleaning. Application of neutral detergent, such as their own hand washing, dry the opposite of cold ironing scarf.
Maintenance and Collection
Do not scarf collection in the wet, no ventilation or direct sunlight to avoid fading plaque and scarves appear. Collection to avoid the drying agent, cosmetics, perfume and other chemical agents on the direct contamination in the scarf. If not carefully stained, should be cleaned, otherwise easily lead to scarf yellow / black. Collection time could be better placed scarf folded flat in a drawer, can hang in a smooth coat hanger.
The storage method of scarves
1. By hanging pants suit hangers, you can immediately use the scarf folded into a state of suspended and fixed with the clip, access is very convenient. Silk scarf can also be hung on the hanger, and fixed with a peg. With a thick scarf caught in the clip and between the peg will not leave marks on the scarf.
2. Optional produced with a small cardboard storage box, about 30cm wide, will be folded into the original large 1 / 4 the size of the collection of scarves and then folded.
3. The scarf folded into the original large 1 / 4 size, into a number of inner folder.
Admission, as long as the folder flat, will not produce silk scarf folds, and a glance.
Source: Sohu

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