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Use of scarves, you are a landscape

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Use of scarves, you are a landscape
Silk scarf scenery on the more personality, more fashion; more comfortable, more popular, so the emphasis on trends in the development of the personality, scarves, play an important role. Especially in recent years, ways to wear scarves breakthrough, no longer limited to around the collar, according to the size of the length of different design, or tied around his waist or hung on the chest, or surrounded by hair ... ... so dignified and personalized in bright highlights.
1, the function: as accessories, scarves with strong functional, so the use of scarves that can serve several purposes: a long business trip suitcase would become a heavy burden. Bring a few scarves, with different packages, designed with the program, will receive different results. Of course, the scarf-line dress effect also plays a big role, attending the dinner, the elongated scarf casually draped over the shoulder, creating elegant elegance; business occasions, of course, is simple and neat bow and chain end able to give people the feeling of most.
2, for convenience: several scarves in a drawer hidden work life would be a good way to facilitate the onslaught of time to prepare activities, scarf with subtle style of dress can make you an instant transformation, of course, inspired by you bold innovation. For example, the large square scarf tied one end of the collar and the other end tied to the waist, is a gorgeous corset, dinner and entertainment places absolutely no problem.
3, the modification of: the trouble is one of the female wardrobe, despite the bristle, the total still feel not enough clothes to wear, scarves undoubtedly be a solution. Selection of a variety of specifications, color coordinated silk scarf, with different line system, will never be outdated clothes, often worn often new.
4, the use of sex: women are always the creator of stylish, malleable scarf is an indispensable tool in the hands, the use of scarves has been extended to wider areas, the Department is pockets in the waist, put in hand can be a handbag hanging on the wall, that is, the unique style of decorative painting. Use of scarves, you are a landscape.
    Elizabeth Taylor said: not the Department of scarves is no future for a woman woman. Audrey said: "When I put on my scarf, I have never felt so clear I am a woman, beautiful woman"
    Colorful scarves decorate the four seasons, the art of scarf almost comparable with precious stones and paintings. With its clever if you can, you can fully mobilize the scarf color effects, play the finishing touch. Different departments with a scarf to wear method can produce different effects, to help you to fully display the charm of women. 
    Summer, a silk scarf, give us a point Lieyang shelter, give us a cool ~ ~
Source: Sohu

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