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You want to be the perfect wedding groom it? Please correct choice of tie

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    Tie is the vanguard of the military uprising wedding, the last stick to the traditional, follow the arrangements of the old wedding tradition of the elders have a go Nevermore, and young people have the "my wedding I call the shots," the idea that this is not unreasoning stubbornness, and in the face of an uncompromising life, uphold and principles. Tribute to the classic score also occasions, with black and white, blue and white mix with the same color or with Tongshen it before storing it to Grandpa!
    The classic blue and white with tie clip, my dear, are you sure you marry a wife not to come to business negotiations it? Groom can officially, but definitely not stuffy, unless the bride is taking the European classical style lady, otherwise a strong sense of drama that the body style of dress or the white straight through free, right?
    Collision color or gradient, the color of the wedding game
    Business men are generally impossible to escape the ordinary black, blue, white, gray and other common colors, this color mix is
​​the most secure, but difficult to color. Fashion groom must have a color in the wedding play games, pink shirt, green fruit tie, sky blue suit, purple suit noble ... ... the most difficult to control with the bright colors into a hit or a color coordinated with the color gradient, can extra points for your wedding.
    Chinese red suit with a yellow shirt, hit the jump exaggerated color to the wine and red tie, black collar and cuff links are the crowning touch, the traditional red and also can play create modern British gentleman Fan children.
    Elegant purple suit with purple silk tie pattern, fabric color wonderful ride with different combinations to create rich French chanson style perfect groom.
   Using Chinese elements, wonderful ride the bride dress
   Most Chinese wedding, the bride would dress up a traditional cheongsam is certainly preferred, but the groom has to get through most of a suit of clothes off. Enchanting dress is the best embodiment of the classic female curves of Chinese clothing, but a dress for every bride groom a suit and tie of the child is concerned, can be said to be a "disaster"! It will make any British gentleman style, fashion dress and groom a romantic European-style eclipsed, or even look funny. Therefore, in the tie and cuffs, put a point outside the collar of the details of the decorative elements of Chinese style, will create a login for wild effects. Embroidery, Chinese large floral pattern, the traditional Chinese red color, are preferred.
    Definition of the groom, "red" is the key to trendy or old-fashioned is the red area, which the body with the classic black and white decorated with Chinese red to do, reflecting the small four-deep with skill.
    Select Chinese floral embroidery or a polyester tie, remember to color in the dress uniform, after all, there is a focus to, as many as cumbersome.
    Classic monochromatic tie: fight is the brand and texture
Mature groom can also choose the classic monochromatic tie, and the choice of big-name fashion items of luxury or the most elegant velvet fabric reflects Xinlang gorgeous low-key quality.
    Penn Badgley choose silk tie decorated with the silk collar, will be interpreted not only a gorgeous black suit and low-key, big luxury tie the groom choose a single product, save money but also improve the overall quality dress.
   Improved ties: Tide men preferred the groom
   Young Personality of the groom's suit and tie certainly can not stand the things by the book, but not wearing a T shirt married, and became popular in recent years, the improved tie to a good solution to this problem. Printed tie not only reflected in the prevalence of changes in color, material with the fabric, on-line in shape and there have been a little improvement. Changes in the past on the narrow width of the strip free to tie the tie and the tie, the groom's personality is the preferred male tide.
     Free to take the tie tied together, for the groom's fashion degrees plus, the overall shape and look sexy charm, tie bar the same width from top to bottom extremely cool.

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