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To identify exclusive tie the groom's personality

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Suit and tie and a pair of twin brothers, not only to choose a suitable groom your trim suit, tie and suit but also to pay attention to the mix, that love knot, tie a suitable temperament to represent you. Or open, or traditional conservative; or stable, or humorous ... ... and thus the selection of a representative of your tie, it is very important, whether wedding or arrange for future work, you can better show charisma.
Exclusive big man, contrasting cool colors tie
For the dominant cause, organization leaders, and often do lead the world in the love of the "big man" type of the groom, learn to dress on the weaknesses, but also an important step in understanding their own. Angular width of stripes and simple geometric patterns, can be a good side to show you vigorous and resolute, and bones "love swagger" character, also need to use the cool colors make you look wise and prudent! 
    The Shengzhou Jinfa striped silk tie tie, big man is the groom's suit-type choice, blue + black, cool colors balance the sense of gorgeous bright silk texture, contrasting stripes simple and stylish, the groom in the selection of this type of tie, should not choose a color mixed with fine stripes, not only make you filthy, but also gives the "petty" feeling Oh!
Fancy dot tie, red-hot moment of solemn men have
For more introverted character, normally stern, solemn and even work some things by the book of the groom, you want to persuade them upturned mouth, smile, seems prohibitively difficult, it might more effort up and down in the details of the accessories it! Large dot pattern tie, to improve your previous serious expression, with warm colors, your affinity for a lot of points too!

The above-mentioned silk tie, he skillfully used the red-dot patterns and fancy, so the groom's side to show hospitality. Maybe you took the initiative range, guests will grin like a tunnel! Should not choose a matte texture, cool colors tie if the wedding atmosphere embarrassment, you can hardly help themselves Oh!

Thickness and white stripes, better show the groom's sense of humor

For lovers friends correct, smart and easy way out of humor groom seems to coincide with weddings is a mind thing, but too warm or if the groom endless ridicule, would have been to other family members looked down upon, the humor as you slick Oh! Thus selection of ties, try to select some irregular texture, both humorous and elegant high reflect your taste, and choose matte texture, will add a bit mature for you!

    The striped tie is the optimal choice for this type of groom. Did seem to fade processing sub-fabrics to add a bit years of the charm of the groom, tie the irregular stripes, elegant and funny. Should not choose irregular dot pattern, will make you look good at sophisticated and too clever Oh!

Fine striped tie, elegant and meticulous man for

For a meticulous man, he not only out to work independently at home can not cover everything. However, marriage does not try, our feelings are not open to all levels of cohabitation before marriage. Thus, whether a man should want to see detail, we should pay attention to his dress. Does not have a thin bright striped tie, is an embodiment of elegant fine living.

As the groom wear this narrow striped tie, two different shades of gray stripes do not disparity, all of a sudden they put a man of apparent grace and fine, but note that in creating this type, tie fabric is light sensitivity not too strong, followed by selection is the exact fit of thin models, because the fabric is too stiff and will bring a heavy feeling of depression, will be greatly reduced for the joyous wedding Oh!

Bright wide stripes, good vitality of youth to shape and groom

If you are a mature face, strong man act, you will not choose a trendy guy's suit, so at this moment, the tie will be your taste weight. The selection of a colorful tie, will make you radiate vitality of youthful vigor, the workplace you might quiet, but you must be enough on the wedding atmosphere!

    The yellow twill tie, tie the groom is one such example of dazzling yellow will make you well into the joy of the wedding atmosphere, the white stripes and white is also very cool, but remember not to mix with gold watches ornaments, will reduce your grade, so you fall into the stereotypes as nouveau riche, like Oh!

Jacquard tie, catch the romantic

This year the popular printing style, not only captured the hearts of the bride, the groom also made exudes a different kind of romantic atmosphere. Bright print dress than the bride, the groom's tie is more biased in favor of rational wisdom of the romantic. Peugeot's facial features, soft eyes, gorgeous deep colors of printing, uh, you will dump him!


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