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Variety scarf make you beautiful and artistic

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Scarves and your choice of colors-season and dress styles are closely related. What is the color-season it? Is the range of your use of color from head to toe, from your hair, eyes, skin color determined, divided into deep, shallow, cold, warm, clean, soft six categories. There is also very important material scarf, polyester scarf is a silk scarf or right, only to find out these to be able to fit you with a scarf to the effect of art or beauty, we look under the scarf How do you become the artist:
1. Chaoda wool silk blend towel
Difficult to imagine such a large scarves you will into the collar or wear as neatly as business people. Such a scarf, you just need to freely go into the body, it is very flavor.
2 Triangle sheep towel
We use wool silk blend scarf, put it in the chest oblique lines. Because we use a bandage, it is size appropriate to facilitate the playing of different fancy.
3.70cm × 70cm true scarf
For 70cm × 70cm size silk scarves, the most common practice is to put it into the shirt collar suit, very stylish and products.
    I believe more women wear the scarf because the scarf can add color to their own good, to enhance the qualities to transform into a beauty, then how to make silk scarf to help you transform it:
    If you are in life, often called "chocolate" beauty, you have black hair and black eyes and not Taibai of color, you are a "deep" color type of people, then you should choose when you choose scarves Some strong color, rich ruby
​​color, and can not choose the color of the Pan-old is too shallow, the Department of such a scarf will make your face look pale and not spirit. Instead, some shallow color scarves, such as light peach, light gold, etc., for "light" color-type human system, these people are mostly very dark hair and eyes, the skin than white, a dark scarf if the system , can only look old fashioned and dull. Blue or purple scarf full of romantic, his face blue for the end of transfer of "cold" color line type person, "cold" color type of people can not adjust the scarf yellow line will appear haggard without God. Yellow orange and yellow color tone is full of sun-like warmth, but not everyone with a good-looking, only the "warm" color type of people use only beautiful, if you are a "warm" color type of person, you can choose pumpkin color, bright yellow and other colors of thescarf. Some bright pink, apple green, light blue scarf is so bright and high "net" type of people a good choice, black hair, white skin, black eyes are "net" type, the high degree of color Yan make "net" type of people reflects the diamond-like brilliance.
Source: Sina

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