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How long is the most suitable tie

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Summer, many men are wearing suits off the coat, shirt tie model to appear in the workplace.
At this point, the length of the tie will become a crucial matter.
Then the tie should be long better? Cc fashion experts believe that men's tie series finished, tie the bottom of the range of about 1 cm above the belt, or in parallel with the belt buckle are appropriate height.
If the tie line too short, in the case above the navel, first appears inconsistent; secondly, because there will be a bulge above the stomach, which will tie raised tilt to look very serious; In addition, because the tie too high, people walk, will be sloshing around, do not feel stable.
If the system too long, such as down to below the belt, visually, the human upper body stretching. Upper body is stretched, the legs no doubt will be very short length, the impact upright sense; the same time, if the tie is too long, I feel people lean forward, people do not feel confident, is not conducive to work smoothly.
Tie need to focus on the length of time in addition to several other factors should also note: the symmetry tie, adjust the tie knot to get an ideal symmetrical state. Slightly tilted end does look good, but very sloping tie knot, will flip your shirt collar, leaving you become very bad. Tie knot tightness. Neat tie, of course good but unfortunately, the wearer needs to a very tight place in the neck. Tie a loose pass out of the wearer will be extremely professional information. Ensure that the tie appear ripples. To ensure broad tie knot in the bottom of a clean, symmetrical ripples.

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