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Ties of learning, really learning

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Suit and tie. Suit and tie is the soul. Those who participate in formal communication activities, should wear a suit and tie. Tie length of the belt buckle is appropriate. Such as wearing a vest or sweater, the tie should be placed behind them. Tie clip is generally caught in the shirt between the fourth five buttons.
In the men's suits, the most eye-catching, often not suit itself, but the tie. Therefore, the tie suit is called the "finishing touch of the place." One man only one suit, as long as the regular replacement of a different tie every day, often also to give people a fresh feeling.
Ties are men's accessories, so women generally do not tie. Men's tie, to wear a suit when the better, the actual occurrence of ties and called "the soul of a suit." Wear a suit, especially when wearing a suit suit does not make a suit and tie is often overshadowed.
First, tie style
Tie style, that is, its shape appearance. In general, it has width of the points, mainly about being fashionable. Selection, attention should be best to tie the width is proportional to the width of his body, and not contrast too much. It also has the arrow head with the flat of the other. The former bottom of the inverted triangle, for a variety of occasions, more traditional. Which is the bottom flat, more stylish, more suitable for informal occasions.
Second, the tie of the play
Tie, should tie the knot, tie the length of the tie position, tie pay more attention to accessories, it is possible to play perfect tie.
(1) tie the knot
Tie bar well look good, how the key play in the tie knot. Tie knot with three techniques. First, it is to correct play, and rough, appearance inverted triangle. Second, is that you can tighten the tie, the potential under pressure in a nest or a ditch to make it look beautiful and natural. Third, the specific size of the tie knot is not completely on their own, but should be worn so that it is roughly the same time proportional to the size of the collar. Be noted that, when not wearing a collar shirt and tie, wing collar shirt for wearing bow tie.
(2) the length of tie
Daily use of the tie adult, usually about 130-150 centimeters. Tie lay, the outside should be slightly longer than the inside. The standard length, should be just touching the bottom of the upper belt buckle. Thus, when the department Waichuan button suit jacket, the tie will not be from the bottom of the skirt below "are constantly" to be revealed, of course, ties and do not play too short, do not make it quick to jump out from the top of the skirt. For this consideration, do not advocate use on formal occasions difficult to adjust the length of the "one pull" or tie "was a" tie.
(3) the location of tie
Tie lay, shall be placed out of order established position. Fasten buttoned suit jacket, the tie should be worn in a suit jacket and shirt in between, wearing a suit vest, sweater, wool vest, tie and shirt should be in between them. When wearing a sweater pieces, - this anomaly, it is best not to appear, should be placed in the most inner tie sweater and shirt that between the jackets do not let the tie beyond escape, or in a suit jacket and vest, sweater, cashmere sweater, wool vest, between more do not let it caught between two sweater.
(4) tie accessories
Tie, in general, there is no need to use any accessories. Xu in the breeze, quickly bolted when left to tie gently flowing, it is added to a number of chic for men, handsome. Sometimes, or tie in the action in order to reduce any inconvenience flowing, or in order not to hinder my work, action may be appropriate to use tie accessories. The basic role of tie accessories are fixed tie, followed by decoration. Have common accessories tie tie clips, tie pins and tie rods. They are used to a different location, but not in the same venue, one can only choose one of them. Choose tie accessories, should give more consideration to the metal texture products, and require plain better, shape and pattern to be elegant and simple.
Tie clip, used to tie fixed on the shirt, so can not only tie with the sandwiched, or be caught in the coat collar. Tie clip with the correct position, the shirt number of fourth down from the grain, between the fifth grain buttons. Best not to let it in the department after the suit jacket buttons exposed. If the folder was too much up, and even caught in the Jixin Ling opening collar sweater or vest, it is very rustic.
Tie pin, used to tie on another shirt, and play a decorative role. The end of the pattern should be in a tie, the other side of the thin chain, should be free from exposure. Use it, it should do in the third from the top shirt button at the grain center of the tie. The patterned side, should be seen as outsiders. Note, however, do not tie pin collar pin error when used.
Tie rods, mainly used for buckle collar dress shirt, tie through and fixed at the shirt collar. Use of tie rods, if successfully implemented, will tie on formal occasions appears to be both elegant, but also reduce the trouble.
In short, when using the tie accessories, would rather not, do not mess with.

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